ЕГЭ Тест 3-3.


Вы услышите интервью со Сьюзан. Выполните задания A8-A14 вставив цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному варианту ответа. Прослушайте запись дважды.

A8 What changes in Susan’s opinion are taking place in town life?
1) More and more people prefer to meet out in pubs and clubs.
2) People’s homes are becoming a more popular place to meet.
3) People prefer staying at home alone to eating out.

A9 How does Susan feel about shops and shopping?
1) She thinks small shops should disappear.
2) Every time she goes shopping she feels annoyed.
3) She dislikes the atmosphere in big shops.

A10 What does Susan think about the book Birdsong?
1) It gives a new perspective on war.
2) It shows how differently people view war.
3) It reveals hidden causes of war.

A11 Why did Susan read The Remains of the Day twice?
1) It was very popular at one time.
2) She enjoyed the film based on it.
3) She read it to kill time.

A12 Why does Susan enjoy reading books? `
1) The reading habit runs in her family.
2) She has taken to reading on the way to and from work.
3) She was encouraged to read in her childhood.

A13 What is Susan’s opinion of book reviews?
1) They give good recommendation on books to read.
2) They criticize books written by young authors.
3) They give misleading information about books.

A14 What is Susan’s attitude to gossip books?
1) She doesn’t think they are worth reading.
2) She laughs at people who enjoy reading them.
3) She thinks they are appealing to most people.



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