Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №10. Тема: Дом моей мечты.

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When I retire, if I can afford it, I'd love to live in a cottage in a picturesque village somewhere in the country, not too remote. The most important thing for me would be the garden - I'd like a traditional English garden, with fruit trees and lots of flowers - not too big, though. I'd spend my life in the garden, especially in the spring and summer.
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My dream house would be on the coast, by the sea, on a beautiful unspoilt beach. It'd be modern and quite simple, with wooden floors and big windows, and from every window you'd be able to see the sea. It'd be quite isolated, with no neighbours for miles and miles. Can you imagine - just the sound of the wind and the sea?
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I'd love to have a big old town house in the centre of London, maybe one of those beautiful terraced houses with big rooms and high ceilings, and a lovely staircase going down to the hall. But the bathrooms and kitchens would have to be modern, because old ones are cold and a bit impractical, I'd need some help looking after it though so...
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lf I won the lottery, which of course I won't, I'd buy a big penthouse flat near the river with a great view, a really hi-tech flat, you know, with one of those intelligent fridges which orders food from the supermarket all by itself when you're running out and a huge TV and music system - but all very stylish and minimalist.
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