Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №5. Тема: ... с неожиданной развязкой.

Как заниматься в уроке. Показать/скрыть >>>
The policewoman came in and sat down on the sofa.
'Are you a friend of Jamie Dixon?' she said.
'Yes,' said Hannah.
'I understand you were going to meet him this evening.'
'Yes, at 5.30, at a coffee bar. But he didn't come, so I didn't see him.'
'Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you,' said the policewoman.
'What? What's happened?'
1. Показать/скрыть перевод
'Jamie had an accident this evening.'
'Oh no! What kind of accident?'
'He was crossing the road and a car hit him.'
'Is he... OK?'
'Well, he is going to be in hospital for a long time.'
'Oh no.'
'But don't worry, he's going to be OK.'
'When did this happen?'
2. Показать/скрыть перевод
'This evening at twenty-five past five. He was crossing the road in the High Street.'
'And the driver of the car?'
'She didn't stop.'
Yes, it was a woman in a white car. Every police officer in the town is looking for her.'
'Can I go to the hospital to see Jamie?'
'Yes, I can take you there now.'
3. Показать/скрыть перевод
'I'll get my coat. OK I'm ready.'
'Is that your car, madam? The white one over there?'
'Yes it is.'
'Can I have a look at it?'
'Did you know your front light is broken?'
'No, I didn't.'
'What exactly were you doing at 5.25 this evening, madam?'
4. Показать/скрыть перевод
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