Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №6. Тема: Вы тратите больше времени ...?

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1 ...talking the phone
Definitely more. My daughter got married last year and she and her husband live quite far away. She rings me almost every day to tell me how everything's going, and we usually chat for hours. My phone bill is now double what it was when she was living at home.
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I spend a lot less time than before. My youngest child has just started school, and I've gone back to work, so I never make lunch now during the week - I just have a sandwich. And in the evenings we often get take-away pizzas or Chinese food, or we heat something up in the microwave. I only really spend time in the kitchen at weekends.
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3 ...sleeping
Well, I'd say less - though I'm not sure if my parents would agree. I get so much homework now that I never go to bed before 11 or 12, but I still get up at seven in the morning. It's true I get up later at weekends, but that's only two days out of seven.
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4 ...sitting in traffic
More, much more. Before it only used to take me fifteen minutes to get to work, and now it takes me twenty-five, or even half an hour. It's mainly because there are just more cars on the road. Sometimes I think I should use public transport, but it's quite complicated from where I live.
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