Test 14.

Complete the dialogue with the phrases from the box.

Can I help you? How much is the sandwich? Can I pay by credit card?
Can I have a cheese sandwich? Five pounds. Here you are.

Customer Yes. 1 Oh, and two coffees, please.
Barman Sure… Just a minute. OK. 2
Customer Thanks. 3
Barman Three pounds ninety-five.
Customer And the coffees? How much are they?
Barman Er… 4
Customer OK. I have no money. 5
Barman Sure. That's eight pounds ninety-five, please.

1 Read the blog and tick (v) True or False.
A different life.
Sara Huntingdon works for a children's organisation in Africa.
Every day, she writes her blog for an online news website.
Wednesday 25th
Every morning, I get up at six o'clock and go to the refugee camp.
1,000 families live there. They don't have much food or water.
I sometimes work in the children's centre.
It is in a big, old house near the camp and it is open to small children.
They are four, five, or six years old.
When I open the door in the morning, it's usually hot inside.
I prepare lessons and games then I always have coffee and bread for breakfast.
When the children arrive at half past seven, they go into the house and meet their friends.
They talk and relax and play games. They like games!
Then we start school at quarter past eight.
I teach English and art, and I sometimes teach maths.
They can speak English well but they can't write in English.
I always answer the children's questions.
They usually want to hear about my life in England - and about my boyfriend!
I cook some food and they eat it before they go home.
Every day at the children's centre is a fantastic experience for the children and for their teacher.
At half past eleven in the morning, the children go home.
For four hours every day, the children don't think about their problems.
And that's very important.

Example: Sara works for a children's organisation.
True False

1 Sara works in India.
True False
2 Sara goes to the refugee camp every day.
True False
3 The children's centre is in a new house.
True False
4 The children's centre is big and hot.
True False
5 Sara has the same breakfast every day.
True False
6 Sara never teaches maths at the centre.
True False
7 The children can speak English.
True False
8 The children don't talk to their teacher.
True False
9 Sara doesn't like her job as a teacher.
True False
10 The children go home in the morning.
True False

2 Read the blog again and complete the sentences with numbers and times.
1 Sara's day starts at when she gets up.
2 The children at the children's centre are from four to years old.
3 Lessons start at .
4 The children go home at .
5 They are at school for hours every day.

Read the email from Tom. Then write an email to Tom. Answer Tom's questions with information about you.
Tell me about your typical Sunday.
What time do you get up and what do you usually have for breakfast?
What do you do in the afternoon?
What do you have for dinner and what do you usually do in the evening?
What time do you go to bed?

Hi Tom
Thank you for your email.
On a typical Sunday, I…



Ответы на тесты.

1 Can I have a cheese sandwich?
2 Here you are
3 How much is the sandwich?
4 Five pounds
5 Can I pay by credit card?

1 F
2 T
3 F
4 T
5 T
6 F
7 T
8 F
9 F
10 T

1 six (o'clock)
2 six
3 quarter past eight
4 half past eleven
5 four

Student's own answers.

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