Test 17.

1 Wright the correct past simple form.
Впишите правильную форму прошедшего времени.
Example: They wasn't / weren't famous.

1 Was he / Were he late?
2 Where were you / you were last weekend?
3 Danny don't like / didn't like the film.
4 Had you / Did you have dinner in a nice restaurant?
5 We came / come back home late yesterday evening.
6 Jenny didn't studied / didn't study Business at university.
7 What time did you went / did you go to the supermarket?

2 Complete the email with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Hi Stephanie
Paula and I (have) a great time in Torquay last weekend.
1 I (tell) you about it?
Well, we 2 (go) to Torquay by bus on Saturday morning.
We 3 (not go) by train because it 4 (be) very expensive.
We 5 (stay) with Paula's friends in their house near the beach.
We 6 (not have) dinner with Paula's friends because we 7 (want) to eat on the beach. It was great.
What 8 you (do) last weekend?
Andy x

3 Complete the description with in, at or on.
Mike lives in a big house 1 Oxford.
He usually works 2 home.
Yesterday morning, he phoned his friends.
Nick was 3 a bus, Fiona was 4 her car,
Helen was 5 a meeting, and Alison was 6 bed.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct past simple form of the verb in brackets.
Example: Sheila back early from her holiday yesterday. (come)
1 Tom a coffee and a cake in the cafe. (buy)
2 Jane to Edinburgh in her new car. (drive)
3 Harry and Jill the Internet to buy theatre tickets. (use)
4 Joe the new James Bond film last night. (see)
5 Simon a terrible noise. (hear)
6 Jenny her homework yesterday evening. (do)
7 I in a restaurant from 2001 to 2007. (work)
8 Rory a lot of photos on holiday. (take)

5 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase.
bed to bed the bed
Example: At midnight, Sue went .

work gym cafe
1 At half past three, Peter was at .

afternoon yesterday Sunday
2 We went out last

to Athens at Athens on Athens
3 She went on a trip .

credit card money lunch
4 Carl paid for the meal by .

night day morning
5 We watched TV yesterday .

the bus the car the airport
6 I saw Jack and Lucy on .

Match the words with the same sound.
played shopping weren't wanted walked

1 first
2 cried
3 kissed
4 waited
5 wasn't

Ответы на тесты.

1 Was he
2 were you
3 didn't like
4 Did you have
5 came
6 didn't study
7 did you go

1 Did, tell
2 went
3 didn't go
4 was
5 stayed
6 didn't have
7 wanted
8 did, do

1 in
2 at
3 on
4 in
5 in
6 in

1 bought
2 drove
3 used
4 saw
5 heard
6 did
7 worked
8 took

1 work
2 Sunday
3 to Athens
4 credit card
5 morning
6 the bus

1 weren't
2 played
3 walked
4 wanted
5 shopping

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