Test 2.

1 Read the emails and tick (v) A, B, or C.
Прочитайте электронные письма и поставьте галочку в A, B или С.
From: Friends International
To: Katie
Subject: New penfriend!
Attachment: photo of Oscar
Hello Katie! This is your new penfriend in the photo.
His first name is Oscar and his surname is Gil.
This is his email: oscar@postit.co.mx. Have a nice day!

To: Oscar
From: Katie
Subject: Hello
Attachment: photo of Jack and Katie
Hi! My name's Katie Steel.
I'm English and I'm 18. I'm from Manchester in England.
And this is my boyfriend Jack Frost in the photo!
He's 19. Where are you from, Oscar?

To: Katie
From: Oscar
Subject: Good evening
Hello Katie! Good evening from Spain.
My name's Oscar Gil. I'm in Madrid in Spain, but I'm not Spanish.
I'm Mexican. I'm from Puebla and I'm on holiday in Madrid.
My friends in Spain are Ana and Fernando Garcia.
They're Spanish. They're from Valencia and they're 19. I'm not 19. I'm 20.
Where are you? Are you in Manchester? Is Jack English?

To: Oscar
From: Katie
We aren't in Manchester. We're in London.
We aren't on holiday!! And Jack isn't English.
He's from the USA. It's late, Oscar.
Nice to meet you! Thank you for the email. Bye!

To: Katie
From: Oscar
Goodbye, Katie. Nice to meet you.

Example: Katie is…
A American B English C Spanish
1 Katie is…
A eighteen B nineteen C twenty

2 Jack is…
A eighteen B nineteen C twenty

3 Oscar is from…
A Spain B England C Mexico

4 Ana is from…
A Mexico B Spain C Brazil

5 Fernando is…
A Mexican B American C Spanish

6 Ana is…
A eighteen B nineteen C twenty

7 Jack is in…
A Manchester B Madrid C London

8 Katie isn't…
A English B on holiday C in London

9 Jack is…
A American B English C Mexican

2 Read the emails again and complete the ID cards.
First name: Oscar
Surname: Gil
Nationality: 1

First name: Katie
Surname: 2
Nationality: 3

First name: Ana
Surname: Garcia
Nationality: 4

First name: 5
Surname: 6
Nationality: American

1 Answer the questions about you with complete sentences.
Ответьте на вопросы о себе заполняя пропуски предложениями.
Example: Are you from England?

1 What's your first name?

2 What's your surname?

3 Where are you from?

4 Are you American?
5 Are you on holiday?


2 Answer the questions about Tom with complete sentences.
First name: Tom
Surname: Johnson
Nationality: American
1 What's his first name?

2 What's his surname?

3 Where is he from?

4 Is he Russian?

5 Is he from the US?

Ответы на тесты.

1 A
2 B
3 C
4 B
5 C
6 B
7 C
8 B
9 A

1 Mexican
2 Steel
3 English
4 Spanish
5 Jack
6 Frost

1 Student's own answers.

1 His first name is Tom.
2 His surname is Johnson.
3 He's from the US / USA.
4 No, he isn't.
5 Yes, he is.



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