Test 21.

1 Wright the correct word.
1 There aren't some / any books in Sonia's living room.
2 We met they / them at seven.
3 Oh, yes, I know Jack. I met him / her when he was at university.
4 Are there some / any pictures on the wall?
5 There is / are a wonderful view of the mountains from here.
6 What time did she tell we / us to be at the restaurant?
7 Is there a / some cafe near here?

2 Complete the questions with pronouns.
Example: I gave it to yesterday.
Oh yes, I put it in my room.

1 Do you like ?
Yes, I do. She's very nice.

2 When did Paul meet ?
Last month. Paul was in a cafe when they walked in.

3 A We're lost. Can you help ?
B Of course.

4 Sam gave his grandmother's ring.
Really? Lucky you!

3 Complete the hotel description with a, some, or any.
Hotel Royal.
The Hotel Royal is a beautiful hotel in the city centre.
There is a conference centre at the hotel and there are 1 rooms with a view of the cathedral.
There are 2 large double rooms but there aren't 3 family rooms.
There is also 4 car park. It is highly recommended.

4 Match the places in the box to what the people want to do.

post office museum swimming pool airport supermarket chemist's bank lift hotel

Example: Kay wants to send a letter.
1 David wants to fly to New York.
2 Sheila wants to swim.
3 Sue wants a room with a TV and shower.
4 Harry is ill and wants to buy aspirins and medicine.
5 Joe wants some money.
6 Louise wants to buy fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit.
7 Dan wants to see old, interesting things.
8 Felicity wants to go to the sixth floor.

5 Complete the diary with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.
Sunday 9th June
It was (be) a very nice weekend!
Paul and I 1 (rent) a car and we 2 (drive) to the beach.
On Saturday night, we 3 (have) dinner in a brilliant restaurant and we 4 (stay) in an expensive hotel.
On Sunday morning, we 5 (go) to the beach.
Paul 6 (buy) postcards and I 7 (take) a lot of photos with my mobile phone.
Then I 8 (send) the photos to my friends.
At 6.00, we 9 (leave) the beach.
When we 10 (get) home, Paul 11 (give) me a present and 12 (say) he loved me. What a great weekend!

Match the words with the same sound.
speak learn here airport breakfast

1 bread
2 there
3 leave
4 beer
5 turn

Ответы на тесты.

1 any
2 them
3 him
4 any
5 is
6 us
7 a

1 her
2 them
3 us
4 me

1 some
2 some
3 any
4 a

1 airport
2 swimming pool
3 hotel
4 chemist's
5 bank
6 supermarket
7 museum
8 lift

1 rented
2 drove
3 had
4 stayed
5 went
6 bought
7 took
8 sent
9 left
10 got
11 gave
12 said

1 breakfast
2 airport
3 speak
4 here
5 learn

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