Test 33.

1 Complete the dialogue with words from the box. You can use the words more than once.

there are it a some any an

Dan Do you live in a town or 1 village, Maya?
Maya Oh, 2 's a small town.
Dan Can you tell me about it?
Maya Sure.
Well, in my town, there 3 a big supermarket and 4 are 5 other small shops.
And there are 6 restaurants.
Dan 7 there 8 famous buildings in your town?
Maya Well, no. There aren't 9 famous buildings, but 10 is 11 old hospital - 12 isn't famous but I like it.

2 Complete the sentences with the past simple of the verbs in brackets.
Example: Peter (be) in London yesterday.

1 I (study) history at university.
2 Joe (have) eggs for breakfast this morning.
3 Sally (go) to the gym yesterday evening.
4 Jack (cry) because the film was very sad.
5 There (be) ten people in the restaurant.
6 The film (start) at eight o'clock.
7 They (stop) work at six.

3 Complete the questions. Use the same verbs as in the answer.
Example: Where for your holidays?
Oh, we went to Italy.

1 What on TV tonight?
Oh, we're going to watch a horror film.

2 When at school this morning?
Oh, I arrived at nine o'clock.

3 Who at the party?
Oh, I met Jane and Frank.

4 Where to next Saturday?
Oh, we're going to drive to my grandmother's house.

5 What films at the cinema?
Oh, we like watching romantic films.

4 Complete the sentences with pronouns from the box.

you it him her them us me

Example: A Did John call me?
B Yes. He called at six.

1 Did you like my sister?
Yes. I enjoyed meeting very much.

2 Are you going to see the film?
Yes. I'm going to see next week.

3 Did Lorraine speak to you about the party?
Yes. She spoke to yesterday.

4 Did you tell Mr Johnson about the problem?
Yes. I told about it.

5 Did you see Janice and Richard?
Yes. I saw this morning.

6 Is Fiona going to talk to you and Briony?
Yes. She's going to talk to tomorrow.

5 Match the opposite verbs.
teach get hear come leave start lose
Example: go
1 arrive
2 find
3 learn
4 send
5 speak
6 finish

6 Complete the sentences with the correct verb.
Example: I l to the radio in the morning.

1 Can you p tennis on Friday?
2 Did you t any photos?
3 Can I p by credit card?
4 What car do you d ?
5 Did you c to class yesterday?
6 Do you often u the Internet?
7 Can I c money in this bank?
8 I want to b this watch. How much is it?
9 We want to r a flat in the city but it's expensive.
10 We usually s at a hotel when we're on holiday.
11 When did you c b from holiday?
12 What do you t of the film? Is it good?

7 What's the next word?
Example: breakfast, lunch,
1 yesterday, today,
2 sixth, seventh,
3 June, July,
4 fourteenth, thirteenth,
5 last month, this month,
6 the first of March, the second of April,

8 Complete the description with in, at, or on.
Last week I was at home 1 bed when I heard a noise 2 the street.
My parents were 3 the cinema, my brother was 4 London, and my sister was 5 a train to Paris, so I was alone 6 the house.
My bedroom is 7 the third floor, so I walked downstairs.
Then I heard a noise 8 the kitchen. What was it?
I looked 9 a cupboard, and there was a small cat!

9 Wright the correct phrase to answer the questions.
in a car park in a bedroom in a restaurant
Example: Where can you leave your car?

in a hospital in a restaurant in a factory
1 Where do waiters work?

in a bath on a lamp on a bed
2 Where do you find pillows?

in a bathroom in a park in a garden
3 Where are there usually towels?

a spa reception a lift
4 What goes to the fifth floor?

a TV a cupboard a station
5 What do you use a remote control with?

a gym a spa a gift shop
6 Where do you buy presents or souvenirs?

a chemist's a museum a beach
7 Where can you find old, historical things?

Match the words with the same sounds.
change women weather Thursday soon first then buy look wear

1 her
2 gym
3 find
4 play
5 they
6 think
7 upstairs
8 rent
9 good
10 school

Ответы на тесты.

1 a
2 it
3 's
4 there
5 some
6 some
7 Are
8 any
9 any
10 there
11 an
12 it

1 studied
2 had
3 went
4 cried
5 were
6 started
7 stopped

1 are you going to watch
2 did you arrive
3 did you meet
4 are you going to drive
5 do you like watching

1 her
2 it
3 me
4 him
5 them
6 us

1 leave
2 lose
3 teach
4 get
5 hear
6 start

1 play
2 take
3 pay
4 drive
5 come
6 use
7 change
8 buy
9 rent
10 stay
11 come back
12 think

1 tomorrow
2 eighth
3 August
4 twelfth
5 next month
6 the third of May

1 in
2 in
3 at
4 in
5 on
6 in
7 on
8 in
9 in

1 in a restaurant
2 on a bed
3 in a bathroom
4 a lift
5 a TV
6 a gift shop
7 a museum

1 first
2 women
3 buy
4 change
5 then
6 Thursday
7 wear
8 weather
9 look
10 soon

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