5) Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:
1. A man stopped me in the street and asked: "Can you tell me where the metro is?"
2. The teacher asked us: "Do you understand the question or not?"
3. Oksana's father asked her: "Do you want to be an economist or a doctor?"
4. I asked my best friend: "Are you going to play football on Friday or on Saturday?"
5. I asked my mother: "Are you feeling tired?"
6. "We have moved into our new flat," said my aunt.
7. They asked me: "What is your name?"
8. The teacher said to the student: "Repeat this story from beginning to end."
9. He said: "They will arrive tomorrow."
10. He said to me: "Do you understand every word?"
11. He asked the girl: "How did you manage to carry that heavy box? Why didn't you ask me to help you?"
12. He asked me: "Did you sleep well?"
13. The teacher asked me: "What have you prepared for today?"
14. He asked me: "Has the postman come yet?"
1. A man stopped me in the street and asked if I could tell him where the metro was.
2. The teacher asked us if we understood the question.
3. Oksana's father asked her if she wanted to be an economist or a doctor.
4. I asked my best friend if he was going to play football on Friday or on Saturday.
5. I asked my mother whether she was feeling tired.
6. My aunt said that they had moved into new flat.
7. They asked me what my name was.
8. The teacher asked the student to repeat that story from beginning to end.
9. He said that they would arrive the next day.
10. He asked me if I understood every word.
11. He asked the girl how she had managed to carry that heavy box and why she had not asked him to help her.
12. He asked me if I had slept well.
13. The teacher asked me what I had prepared for that day.
14. He asked me whether the postman had already come.
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