ЕГЭ Тест 2-13.

You and your English friend who is an exchange student at your school would like to do some sport together. You are discussing what sports club to join. You can choose from the following clubs:
• swimming
• tennis
• chess
• basketball

Discuss all these possibilities and choose one of them you both like best.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your English friend.

 Remember to:
• discuss all the options
• be polite
• take an active part in the conversation:
- explain the situation
- come up with your ideas
- give good reasons
- find out your friend’s attitudes and take them into account
- invite your friend to come up with suggestions
• come to an agreement

Карточка экзаменатора-собеседника задания С4

2 (3-4 minutes)
You and your Russian friend (a student) are discussing what sports club to join together.
These are your ideas about each option:

- Staying in water long you can end up having a bad cold.
- In winter it could be really difficult to make ourselves go to the swimming pool.
- I'm afraid I'm allergic to the substances they use to purify the water in the pool.
- Swimming is excellent exercise for your muscles.
- This exercise helps improve flexibility and, besides, develops stamina.
- Doctors say that swimming is good for our heart and lungs.

- When playing tennis your muscles don't, usually work equally hard.
- The rules of the game are rather complicated - I never understand how they work.
- We would probably need special sports gear which could be quite expensive.
- Any sport that involves hitting helps release or beat aggression inside you.
- Playing tennis could improve our reactions and coordination of muscle movements.
- You have to be very quick to return the ball: tennis develops your sense of speed and space.

- While playing chess you have to sit Still for hours.
- It would strain our eyes, so our eyesight could get worse.
- It could be very difficult to master this game as I find it difficult to concentrate after a long school day.
- It's very good exercise, it develops logical thinking.
- Playing chess improves your memory - you have to remember a great deal of games and combinations.
- It's the only kind of sport where there is no risk of getting injured.

- Basketball is a team sport and the risk of injuries in team sports is great.
- I'm afraid I'm not tall enough to play basketball and we might fail to achieve any good results.
- I'm not sure I would be able to master the skills which are required in basketball. That's too much for me.
- This kind of sport helps develop team spirit.
- We could also learn to move fast.
- You don't need any special equipment. just a ball. We could practice playing it in the yard.

Note: Make sure all the options have been discussed.
When discussing each option first use the information that is contrary to what the student says. You may choose to make use of some ideas only.
Do not speak first all the time but ask the student at she/he thinks about the options.
Invite the student to come up with her/his suggestions, especially if she/he readily agrees with the things you say.
If the student says all the time. "What do you think about it?" without expressing her/his own opinion, say: "Sorry, I don't know" or "I'm not sure. How do you feel about it?"

The student is expected to demonstrate her/his ability to:
- initiate and maintain conversation:
- explain the situation
- come up with suggestions
- give good reasons
- find out her/his partner's attitudes
- invite the partner to come up with suggestion
- agree or disagree with her/his partner's opinion
- reach an agreement by taking into account the partner's attitudes



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