ЕГЭ Тест 2-3.

Вы услышите интервью с актерами. Выполните задания A8-A14 вставив цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному варианту ответа. Прослушайте запись дважды.

A8 Robert and Amy fell in love with each other
1) after eating out together.
2) after a few months of working together.
3) when they first met on the film set.

A9 When Robert decided to propose to Amy, he
1) was sure that Amy would accept his proposal.
2) wanted to do it in a proper way.
3) knew the exact place in Madrid to do it.

A10 The wedding ceremony in the film reminded Robert and Amy of their own wedding because
1) both weddings took place in the same settings.
2) there was an explosion during both weddings.
3) there were some of the same people at both weddings.

A11 According to Amy, she is different from Robert because she
1) is less open to new ideas than her husband.
2) comes from a smaller family than Robert.
3) has different views on family life.

A12 Amy felt uncomfortable at school because
1) she missed her mother very much.
2) her mother taught at the same school.
3) the teachers and the headmistress disliked her.

A13 If Amy hadn’t become an actress, her parents would have
1) understood and supported her.
2) been displeased with her.
3) insisted she join the family business.

A14 Amy is sure that if you have a child, you
1) can do without having a friend.
2) should think more about the future.
3) can cope with any problem.


Ответы и комментарии на тест.

Now we are ready to start.

Presenter: My guests tonight are Robert and Amy who play the main characters in the TV series "The Royal". The couple married two years ago although like their screen pair they didn't seem destined to be together.

Presenter: So, Robert and Amy, how did your romance actually begin?

Robert: It was never anything as formal as me asking Amy to eat out in some expensive restaurant. We worked together every day and it was nothing, nothing but a friendship for many, many months. Then, I can honestly say, one day we just looked at each other and we knew. It was like I saw Amy for the first time. Love's a funny thing, isn't it? You don't have to use words to know what's happening. We just knew one day and went from there.

Presenter: Robert, how did you propose?

Robert: I booked a surprise trip to Madrid and I sort of knew that l was going to propose that week, but I had no idea where I would actually do it. Then we passed this most fabulous square with amazing fountains in a taxi and I thought, "That's it". Later on, I suggested that we walk back after lunch. We got to the square and I proposed to her by the fountains. I so wanted to do it correctly, suitably for the purpose. I was incredibly nervous - what if she said "No"? I was delighted when she said "Yes". It was wonderful.

Presenter: In next season's opening episode of the Royal, your characters marry. Did it evoke memories of your own wedding?

Robert: There was a huge explosion during our screen wedding, luckily for us the incident only happened on the screen! But both were fabulous settings. On screen it was a church in Scarborough. Our own wedding was in the sculpture gallery at Woburn. There was a feeling of dejavu, because we had a lot of people at our wedding who also appeared as guests in the screen wedding ceremony. So many of the cast came to our wedding - and Amy's parents Liz and Mike were supporting artists on the Royal wedding, so it was a bit weird.

Presenter: Amy, my next question is to you. What is it about each other that you love?

Amy: Our family backgrounds are very similar he's one of four children and I'm one of five - and we have similar aspirations for family life. He is the kindest man I know and a friend I can rely on. He is the best in every way. He's open-minded and I'm trying very hard to be as open-minded as he is.

Presenter: Do you enjoy working together?

Amy: I was always close to my mum and when I was at school I used to be so sad about leaving her for the day. I used to fantasize about her being a teacher or the headmistress at school so I could be with her. I sort of compare working with Bob to that. It's the greatest comfort to work with him.

Presenter: You are from a theatrical family. Amy. Were you always going to act?

Am: My parents were entertaining at Butlins and my sister Kate is an actress, my brother Ted is a comedian. so entertainment is in the family. We've all gone into the entertainment business somehow. My parents have always been understanding and supportive of their children. They encouraged us to explore our own interests but in spite of all this I think I would have been treated as a failure by them if I hadn't acted!

Presenter: I know you have recently become a mother. What is the best thing about parenthood?

Amy: I've always played the role of a mum in my films and actually being one is everything I have always wanted. It's a most fantastic thing. I wake up early every day only to make sure that this little miniature person is there. It's a joy. Whatever life throws at you, having a child. your little best friend beside you. means you can get through anything.

Presenter: And what does the future hold?

Amy: More of the same. we hope. More of the Royal and more children!

You have 15 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 15 seconds.)
Now you will hear the text again. (Repeat)
This is the end of the task. You now have
15 seconds to check your answers.
This is the end of the listening Test.

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