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№1. Тема: Природа в разные времена года. Охрана природы. Nature in different seasons. Nature conservation.

Nature is beautiful and multifaceted. It surrounds us everywhere, but often we do not notice its beauty, running past, we are in a hurry all the time, immersed in our affairs and worries that seem very important to us. Nature is amazing and unique.

This can be noticed on any street in the city, but especially in the forest. It is enough to set aside one day and go with family or friends; you can even go alone to the nearest forest to see what a huge number of animals and birds live in our latitudes, to appreciate the diversity of plants.

It is noteworthy that this can be done at any time of the year - our forests are amazing and beautiful always. In spring - when nature wakes up and the ground in the forest is covered with a dense blue carpet of snowdrops. In summer - when everything lives and breathes in the forest, filling it with their voices.

In autumn - when the forest changes its magnificent green outfit to an equally beautiful yellow with shades of crimson. In winter - when everything is covered with a sparkling white blanket, but, nevertheless, continues to live. It's worth it to spend a little of your time.

Man is also a part of nature, regularly forgetting about it. Unfortunately, environmental pollution and the destruction of animal habitats are the result of human activity and its irresponsible attitude. Humanity destroys the ecosystem without thinking about the fact that it destroys its home, because the planet is the cradle of humanity.

I think that protecting the environment and maintaining nature is the task of each of us. If we all make our contribution to this, we will be able to preserve the diversity of life on our planet, we will not allow species to disappear without a trace, which are now, unfortunately, dying out due to human fault.

To date, there are many organizations involved in the protection of nature and the rescue of endangered species. But even without being a member of these organizations, anyone can help in nature conservation. After all, it is not at all difficult to plant a tree or carry garbage to the trash can.

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