Тексты, топики, статьи, сочинения на английском языке на темы: Земля, природа, времена года, экология и воздействие человека на окружающую среду.
Texts, topics, articles, essays in English on the topics: Earth, nature, seasons, ecology and human impact on the environment.
№10. Тема: The development of civilization and the growth of environmental problems. Развитие цивилизации и рост экологических проблем.

Nature on our planet was once wild and rebellious. Forests and impenetrable jungles grew everywhere, rivers were full of water, and the lands were not plowed and fertile. Animals grazed in herds on the plains, and the air was exceptionally fresh. But then people appeared on earth, and everything changed.

Man began farming and domesticating wild animals, fishing and hunting. At first it didn't break the harmony. Animals also feed on plants and hunt each other. They drink water and build their homes.

But over time, the earth's population grew. Therefore, people needed more trees to build their homes, and we began to cut down forests. We needed coal for heat, and we started digging it out of the ground. People began to sew clothes from animal skins, and use water not only for drinking, but also for watering fields, cooking.

With the development of civilization, many environmental problems have arisen. Firstly, there was a thinning of the resources of our planet. Secondly, the environment has become polluted with waste. The earth's climate has changed which has led to an increase in the number of natural disasters and put people at risk of destruction.

Modern scientists are constantly trying to predict when the end of the world will come. They calculate the risks, look for ways to save our civilization and solve existing environmental problems.

Of course, there is no threat to our generation. I think we will live our lives peacefully and happily in harmony with the world around us. But it still makes me sad that people realized so late how important nature is to them. They realized that it cannot be completely subdued. And only now we began to take care of it and protect it from destruction.

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