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№2. Тема: My favorite place for nature walks. Мое любимое место для прогулок на природе.

I really like to go to the forest for mushrooms. There is one good place where there are a lot of mushrooms. This is a small area of forest, stretched out in a strip, bounded on two sides by an abandoned field, on the third by a swamp, and on the fourth by a clearing.

A power line stretches along the clearing. It is almost impossible to get lost in this forest, because sooner or later you go out to one of these landmarks, after which it becomes clear where to go next. On the edge of the swamp there are several huge trunks of fir trees that once suffered from fire.

It is not known how many years they have been monuments to the old catastrophe, since mature trees are already buzzing around, among which there are many aspens and birches. Apparently, that's why a large aspen mushroom lives at their foot. It is not by chance that I am talking about the mushroom in the singular. It has long been known that a real mushroom lives underground.

These are the threads of the mycelium, which forms a network over a very large area. We can say that the mycelium is similar to the Internet, and those mushrooms that we see and can collect are separate computers connected to this network. The difference is that computers can exist autonomously, and mushrooms are initially manifestations of the network.

In this forest, mushrooms grow very quickly, so a giant with a height of twenty centimeters often turns out to be strong and beautiful. The ground next to the swamp is covered with moss, and in the forest itself - with tall grass. It is very exciting to rummage in these thickets, looking for excellent, large and clean aspen.

And if you sometimes come across a white mushroom among them, you experience a real hunting excitement. Your legs carry you on by themselves, you breathe in the fresh forest air, filled like broth with the aromas of mushrooms and herbs, and at this moment, more than ever, you live a full life, merging with nature.

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