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№3. Тема: Man and nature; careful attitude to nature. Человек и природа; бережное отношение к природе.

It's no secret that the world is on the verge of an ecological catastrophe. Almost everywhere you can see a picture when smog envelops cities, garbage pollutes the streets, rats reach monstrous sizes and pose a threat to pets and people, forests are destroyed by logging and fires.

Human activity is not aimed at preserving nature and its resources, but at destruction and consumption. In the end, all this may lead to the fact that humanity will disappear "from the face of the earth." We have to fix this! Already today, each of us can start "working on mistakes".

Never leave garbage behind anywhere. It must be carefully packed and taken to specially designated places for garbage collection. If you still have a candy wrapper or ice cream, throw it in the trash. Do not cut down trees unnecessarily, do not tear flowers. Do not forget that plants purify the air.

After a picnic, you need to carefully extinguish the fire. If this is not done, the wind can blow up the coals and the fire will destroy the forest. It is necessary to take care of animals and birds. They help us survive. Dogs protect us from the invasion of wild animals, cats destroy rodents that are carriers of dangerous diseases, and birds neutralize harmful insects.

Probably, there is not a single person who does not love nature. The sun warms pleasantly, the leaves of the trees rustle softly in the wind, a clean river and fine sand beckon to you. This entire splendor pleasantly pleases the eye. And what are mushroom picking trips worth? The humid forest air and this smell of freshness cannot be compared with anything.

And then how nice it is to eat delicious fried mushrooms. And the spring glade, strewn with snowdrops, simply enchants. Beauty! All this must be preserved! We just have to take care of nature and save everything that it gives us! This gift to humanity is priceless!

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