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№4. Тема: The earth is our common home. Земля - наш общий дом.

The earth is our common home. The only house we have. When we imagine the unimaginable distances of space, the heart freezes at the thought that we are still alone in the universe. If there are habitable planets somewhere near distant stars, it doesn't matter to us yet, because of the huge distances we can't contact them.

It's creepy to think that our planet is very vulnerable, because it is threatened by many external dangers, for example, meteorites, harmful radiation, magnetic storms and so on. For a good life on Earth, the balance of the entire system is necessary: both the Sun and the Moon should be approximately in the same places where they are now.

If they move away from us or approach us, this delicate balance will be disturbed - it will be either too cold or too hot, the tides will stop or become so high that everything will be washed away in its path. Or terrible earthquakes or volcanic eruptions will begin, which even now bring a lot of troubles.

For example, they can pollute the atmosphere so much that the sun's rays will not reach the surface of our planet well and a sharp cold snap will occur. This has happened more than once in our history. Many great civilizations could have perished just like that, and not because of wars or palace coups at all.

Humanity, due to the rapid development of technology, has become too much to influence the state of the environment, sometimes causing irreparable harm to nature. Due to human activity, many species of animals and plants disappear very quickly, the surface of forests decreases, water, air, and soil are polluted.

It's time for people to understand that the resources of the planet are not infinite and descendants can inherit a planet that is not adapted for life. We need the efforts of all people to preserve our beloved space home.

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