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№5. Тема: How beautiful is this world Как прекрасен этот мир.

I really love vacations/holidays. Especially summer ones. And it's not because I don't go to school during the vacations/holidays. I love holidays because there is no need to rush anywhere during the holidays and you can enjoy everything that is happening around.

In the morning, you can wake up and just lie in bed. Listen to the birds singing; breathe in the cool air, which even smells special in the morning. Then have a leisurely breakfast, chat with your parents and make plans for the day.

I like to be with my parents in nature. I think it is outside the city that you can best experience all the beauty of the surrounding world. Usually, we go out to the forest with an overnight stay. We take with us a tent, a pot, and fishing rods. We wake up early to catch some fish.

The view of the river in the early morning alone is worth going on such a hike. Fog is spreading over it. You won't see this in the city. And how beautiful is the sunrise over the river! The sun slowly rises and warms gently, gently. And everything around him wakes up with him. Birds chirp to different voices, frogs also sing. Sitting like this in the early morning by the river with Dad, I know for sure that this world is beautiful.

We usually swim a lot during the day. We walk through the forest. Mom cooks food on a campfire. It is impossible to convey in words how much tastier than ordinary food is what is cooked over a campfire. And in the evening, when it starts to get dark, we sit around the campfire and talk a lot. The wood in the fire crackles, you can't take your eyes off the flame.

Already falling asleep, you can hear the hooting of an owl, the singing of crickets. Sleeping in nature is not at all like at home. I wake up much more cheerful in the morning. I am sorry that often the daily hustle and bustle does not give us the opportunity to notice the beauty of the world around us. Therefore, I really appreciate the opportunity to enjoy it once again.

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