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№6. Тема: Environmental pollution. Загрязнение окружающей среды.

It's no secret that people have always harmed the environment. They cut down trees, hunted, seized territories for grazing, but nature could recover in such conditions. Now the pollution has reached such a scale that it becomes scary. And this happens because of the activity of a person who simply destroys his habitat.

Every day the state of the environment is getting worse and worse. How does a person pollute the Earth so much? Factories, nuclear power plants, industrial enterprises, all of them drain liquid chemical waste into rivers and lakes and emit huge amounts of smoke and gases into the air. Not to mention cars. Deforestation and quarrying, pumping of gas and oil are in full swing. This list can be continued indefinitely.

In my opinion, there is no limit to human greed and carelessness. At the same time, people themselves suffer from pollution. Such a state of the environment cannot but affect our health. People have become more likely to suffer from cancer, asthma, allergies, diabetes, hypertension and a huge number of other diseases.

They all come from the fact that we have to breathe dirty air, eat contaminated food. Scientists have repeatedly stated about the destruction of the ozone layer due to human activity, which protects our planet from the effects of harmful solar radiation.

Everything that is happening now directly concerns each of us. We all live on the same planet and what harms it harms us. Fortunately, various volunteer movements and the activities of environmental protection companies are quite developed nowadays.

Of course, they cannot save the whole planet, but they are still trying to make it better and cleaner. It's just a pity that not everyone realizes the importance of their work. I think if each of us pays attention to this problem and tries to do what he can to solve it, we can help nature recover.

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