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№7. Тема: Harmonious relations with the outside world. Гармоничные отношения с окружающим миром.

The times when a person lived in the bosom of nature in complete harmony with it are long gone. Modern people voluntarily enclosed themselves in a stone jungle, where only small islands in the form of green parks, gardens and alleys remained from nature. And this reality has long been familiar to us.

Many people can live in cities for years, only occasionally going somewhere for a picnic. Not all families have cottages, and some people have never even seen the sea.

Nevertheless, we all acutely feel the need to be alone with nature, breathe clean air, enjoy the silence and tranquility of the coniferous forest, swim in the cool river water, and see how the sun slowly sets over the horizon over the mountains. But immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city, we sometimes try not to notice our true desires.

We are trying to make up for the lack of communication with nature with something else. Replace the lack of fresh air with oxygen cocktails, and the sun with a solarium. On a hot day, we go swimming in the pool, and we go to the aquarium or zoo to look at the animals.

We sincerely try to convince ourselves that this is exactly the life we have always dreamed of, but it is enough to go out of town for at least a short time to understand that all this is a hoax. Only there, in the bosom of nature, our heart begins to beat especially often and the world around us acquires new colors. The soul rejoices, and amazing bright ideas are born in the head.

Quite unexpectedly, from somewhere there are forces to wander for hours along forest trails, pick berries and listen to the singing of birds. Splash in the lake until sunset, and get up at dawn and go fishing.

This is what real life looks like! Beautiful, bright, absolutely devoid of fuss. And it is very important for all those who live in the city not to forget about their natural connection with nature and strive to restore harmonious relations with the outside world.

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