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№8. Тема: The relationship of humanity with nature. Взаимосвязь человечества с природой. .

We all know very well about the relationship of man with nature. In ancient times, even since the primitive communal system, people were entirely dependent on various environmental phenomena. They could not understand the essence of everything that was happening, so they considered all this as an action and command of the gods. Many natural phenomena were considered deities, including the appearance of fire, water, earth, trees, air, and even thunder with lightning.

Many centuries passed before man began to evolve and his brain became more perfect. He learned different crafts: the production of fire, the construction of dwellings, created many different types of tools for labor. Studying history, we see that as soon as one tribe wins primacy among others like it, all its people immediately begin to subdue nature, forgetting that they are a very small part of it.

The issue of human interaction with nature is very relevant today. So, for some reason, a person has proclaimed himself as the king of nature, and this is far from the case. All of us, people living on Earth, are grains of sand of the universe and should not behave so aggressively towards it.

Our activity is sometimes very harmful and we can see its consequences in various manifestations, they can be simply catastrophic. Annual deforestation of huge areas of forests, and they are considered the "lungs" of the planet, leads in some cases to the complete destruction of various species of plants and animals. Today it is considered a rarity to meet a living source of water in nature; waste is dumped into them, now it is dangerous not only not to drink in them, but also to swim in them.

And the air? It is poisoned by the exhaust of millions of vehicles, toxic emissions from factories. If you look at a big city, you can see smog in almost everyone, but so strong that you can't see the stars at night.

There is an excellent alternative to the extraction of many minerals, of which there are fewer and fewer in the bowels of our planet - the possibility, proven by scientists, to use the energy of sources such as tides, wind and sun. We cannot exist without nature, outside of it. Therefore, we must take care of its bowels, its habitat.

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