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№9. Тема: The influence of nature on man. Влияние природы на человека.

Who among us does not like to be in nature? Inhale the fragrant smell of fresh foliage; enjoy the light breeze from the sea, walk through the autumn park; collecting bright foliage, or ski on a snow-covered forest track. All this, without a doubt, is very pleasant and always improves mood, promotes a surge of strength and restoration of vital energy.

The fact that nature has a beneficial effect not only on our mental, but also on our physical condition, has been known for a long time. It's not for nothing that earlier people with poor health traditionally went to be treated "on the waters" or moved to the south, closer to the sea. And today, many of us strive to visit some health resort with geysers or, for example, healing mud at the first opportunity.

For artists, nature often serves as a source of inspiration. It is not for nothing that many beautiful poems and paintings were created, in the words of artists, in the open air, i.e. in the open air.

It seems to me that only being in nature, we can truly know ourselves. At such moments, we always feel calm, all experiences and negative thoughts remain far behind, and they are replaced by a pleasant and joyful feeling of freedom.

I think that such a magical influence of nature on man is explained by the fact that we were created to live in unity with it. As soon as we plunge into the atmosphere of modern urban life, this balance is disturbed and a feeling of discomfort arises. Harmony can be restored only by leaving the city for nature at least for a short time.

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