Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №1. Тема: Как рассказать об отпуске/каникулах на английском языке.

В этом занятии вы научитесь рассказывать о своем отпуске/каникулах по-английски. Научиться грамотно и подробно рассказывать о вашем отпуске и каникулах - отличный способ улучшить свои навыки общения на английском языке. Куда вы ездили в свой последний отпуск? Что вы там делали? Вы хорошо провели время? В этом уроке вы узнаете, как ответить на эти и другие вопросы на понятном, естественном английском языке.

1. Как предоставить основную информацию о вашем отпуске/каникулах.
2. Как описать, чем вы занимались в отпуске.
3. Как описать, куда вы ездили в отпуск.
4. Как описать, что вам понравилось или не понравилось.
5. Как составить более подробные ответы.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
On my last holiday I went to Egypt with my parents for two weeks.We hit the beach nearby the hotel,drank cocktails,swam,sunbathed and rode a camel. It was out of this world! Also we did some sightseeing in Hurgada as well as: stunning historical pyramids,the statues of the famous pharaohs and many others fascinating things. Hurgada is a cosmopolitan and touristy place. Mostly I went to the mini disko and danced with another children. The hotel where I stayed was a huge place with a delicious food from different countries. The staff was funny,hardworking and wonderful people. For my tastes, this hotel is the best place in Hurgada! By the end I want to say that I wasn’t so keen on the Red Sea. There wasn’t many fishes and corals. I was upset by this(( So, I spent excellent time with my family! Thank you for reading my story from my life. And thanks for your channel. It helped me to write the story about my holidays! :)
Last week, I went to Haridwar with my brother for a couple of weeks. It's a fascinating place but it's touristy too. Haridwar is a cosmopolitan city and could be quite overwhelming because lots of things were going on. Mostly, we went hiking in the mountains and hills nearby. Also, we went to restaurants and cafes which have laden back ambience and sampled local cuisine as much as we could fit in our stomachs. We reside in a picturesque, sleepy village surrounded by dramatic mountain views.
I went to Greece with a group of children for 18 days. Mostly we went to the sea and swam. We also did sightseeing in Athens. Sometimes our group went to the village and hung out there. It was a very sleepy village. Athens is a stunning city but it is very touristy. Athens has fascinating beaches with blue water. Greece has many picturesque views. I liked the people, they were friendly and welcoming. Sometimes it was boring because all the days were pretty similar. I liked the general atmosphere most of all.
Last year my family and I went home for a month long holiday. During that month we went to a near country side for some extreme adventure such as water rafting, jet skiing and zip lining for over a week with our family and friends. We also sampled ourselves with some local cuisines. The place was picturesque and quiet surrounded by dramatic mountains. We enjoyed it a lot, but almost the end of the week my energy almost got drained with all the activities throughout the week that we don't have time to relax or just hang out.
I went to Pokhara with some of my college friends for a couple of weeks.We did some sightseeing there,phewa lake, begnas lake,sarangkot and many more.We also tried some adventurous sports like ultralight flights,paragliding and so on.It was like nowhere i'd ever been before because of the dramatic mountain scenery as well as various artistic historical places .The tranquility and natural diversity were the things that I enjoyed most of all.
I went to the Korea city of Pusan with a friend of mine for a couple of weeks. Mostly we went some museums which helped me to get useful information of Korean history , the city was pretty awesome and romantic especially at night! and we also hit the beaches and swam with blue water , took some fascinating pictures ,There were lots of other activities to relax However we couldn’t do all of them because we were getting quite tired . In the end of our vacation we got some restaurants and cafes and sampled Korean special dishes but it was too much spicy that i couldn’t eat it anymore. So in all It was such a memorable holiday that i’d ever done.
I went to Turkey last summer with my husband for 10 days. Istanbul is such a picturesque city packed with a rich cultural heritage. Mostly we visited tons of local museums and the infamous Topkapi Palace. The we went to Bursa which gave me the chills, quite literally as it was overwhelmingly cold. Oh and the food, Turkish cuisine is one of the best you will ever eat , absolutely out of this world. We even hit the beaches for some sun, swimming and cocktails! Istanbul has some great ferry rides and is a great place to visit but it's too touristy and crowded for my taste.
Last year , I spent my holidays in britain countryside , I can remember every detail of these holidays
Well, the village was sleepy and quiet touristy surrounded by a dramatic mountains scenery, it was very calm and it offers the opportunity to do many activities such us mountain hiking and sightseeing and according to me the best activity was safari so that I took plenty pics of the fascinating views and I enjoyed the adventure with my friends
Added to that , I went to many restaurants and sampled new kind of food, it was luscious !
And what made me more satisfied with the holidays was the cottage where i stayed during my trip "the Norfolk cottage"
As matter as the room fascinated me with its simple traditional design and of course I have to mention the staff that was very welcoming and friendly !
I spent a dream holiday !
My parents and I went to Odessa for two weeks. We went to the beach every day. We often went to the different excursions. Odessa is cosmopolitan and overwhelming but it is dramatic and picturesque city too. There are stunning beaches and there are also many fascinating buildings. I liked the center of Odessa. I disliked that it was big storm for two days and the sea was very cold. In general Odessa is very good place for spend your holidays.
Mostly, I have traveled with a group of friends. usually, our plans get limited to a WhatsApp group, but there were instances when we actually made it through that phase. Once we visited a local hillstation called pamchmarhi in central India. There are numerous places to visit there, and diverse too. Like, we went for some sightseeing at the sunset point there, visited an underground Lord Shiva temple which was made centuries ago, and a waterfall which was just enough for us to get under it and have fun. It was an amazing experience, especially with friends.
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