Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №104. Тема: IELTS Speaking Оценка 9. Пример.

В этом уроке рассматривается пример IELTS Speaking на оценку 9. Вы увидите каждую секцию IELTS Speaking, после каждой секции мы выделим основные черты, которые помогут Вам повысить ваш балл за IELTS Speaking. Не забывайте комментировать и делиться Вашим опытом сдачи экзамена IELTS Speaking.

Этот урок поможет Вам:
- Ознакомиться с примером IELTS Speaking и понять его структуру
- Изучить лучшие варианты ответа в первой части IELTS Speaking с использованием связующих слов и лексики.
- Понять. как ответить на вторую часть IELTS Speaking с помощью ответа на оценку 9
- Увидеть пример вопросов и ответов третьей части IELTS Speaking
- Узнать способы, которые помогут улучшить все типы ответов в экзамене IELTS Speaking

Комментарии посетителей:
I got a 9 for speaking. All I did just before the exam was listen to interviews with some popular British artists. So I just went into the room and pretended I was an English-speaking artist as well doing an interview. Hope it helps.
Somebody said to me that one of the main reasons behind poor spoken English or not being fluent is because of our mindset. I'm sure that most of us including me who are struggling a lot to get fluent have already learned many more about the vocabularies, grammar rules, and so on. Now, we need to think that we are a fluent speaker and start talking that way.
I got my results today, I’m surprised I got 8.5 in speaking
I took the test last Saturday. The part 2 speaking topic was to talk about someone that lied to me, why they lied and how did I take it.
Though I have come across this situation most part of my life I couldn’t think of one legit incident to talk about in that 1 minute of torture.
So I lied about lying. My speech for the next 2 minutes sounded not-so-intelligent with poor lying qualities, honestly. I did make some “uh”s and “um”s as I myself couldn’t appreciate how lame I my answers were.
My advise is,
Lie in the interview if you couldn’t relate to the topic, yea yea just for the exam
Exaggerate like it really happened
If you do not understand you could tell them that you didn’t hear them correctly and request to repeat their question.
Be natural and spontaneous, even if you are good at mugging up sophisticated words to use you might not really be able to use it (unless you’re a genius! I am not)
It is just a conversation, never panic. Drink some water before you go, because I didn’t and I skipped a word or two because of dry mouth.
Your videos are too perfect. It's extremely difficult for not a native-speaker to be always relevant and not off the topic, especially if you get strange questions on the exam. If I ask you to tell me about new changes in anti-money laundering legislation, you would probably not be able to open your mouth and say a word even if you're a native speaker. I believe this test should be more honest for those money that British council rips people off! I mean, if this is the exam, then give topics to prepare.
In real test you actually can't control yourself how many linking words you use and care less of pronunciation because you're preoccupied about the sentence structure and thinking of what to answer!
Those videos are discouraging since they make an impression that English is everything and you have to give all your things up in order only to pass this test. I'm afraid, mastering one's English to the native level may take years if you don't live in England, of course. Otherwise, you'll never be able to pass through the paws of any IELTS examiner with a high score! That is what I think. Again, they ask for a lot of money and make it diffiuclt to people to pass it. In one of the videos they said 'bring the highlighter on a reading test and take your clock with you', while on the exam I had to take those thngs away to the examiners.
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