Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №29. Тема: 25 Фраз для разговора о природе и пейзажах на английском языке - Урок визуальной лексики.

На этом уроке визуальной лексики вы можете научиться говорить о природе на английском языке. Изучите лексику и фразы для описания пейзажей, сельской местности и природы на английском языке.
Используйте то, что вы узнали из урока, чтобы описать природу и ландшафт вокруг вашего дома.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Понять, как описать равнинные земли, когда вы говорите о природе на английском языке.
- Выучить новые выражения, чтобы говорить о горах при описании природы.
- Увидеть на различные способы описания деревьев, когда говорите о природе на английском языке.
- Получить примеры фраз и словарный запас, чтобы рассказать о различных формах воды на английском языке.
- Описать природу и ландшафты на английском языке, используя различные типы лексики и фраз.
- Узнать примеры того, как правильно использовать эти слова и словосочетания в английском предложении.

Дополнительный материал:
My country have a landscape with a lot of greenery. The fields are surrounded by hedgerows and low hills with gentle slopes in the distance. The terrain owns too a lot of woodlands , ponds and rivers . My region is called " the land of trees and water". In fall, we pick up many cepes and chestnuts. On the other hand, we haven't a rugged mountains or a turquoise water.
The nature outside of my city is stunning. With all of the towering mountains which you can hike and a coast with clean turquoise water just beneath after a thick woodland. The landscape where I live now is quite different : here we have a polluted river with long grassy banks and river sand, hardly any altitude change and green rolling hills turning into burning forests in the countryside.
I grew up in village, where nature is stunning. I think everywhere countryside are greenery and fascinating nature. My village is surrounding fields. Our terrain is plain. Fields sown with different crops. Usually, there are sunflowers, wheat, buckwheat, rye, corn. When you see field with different culture you inspired with this picture. Example, when you drive between fields on one side there's sunflowers, and on the other there's buckwheat. And you can enjoy not only exciting view but tasty smell. It's my terrain where I grew up . Street where is my house is wide. Opposite my street a lot of different plants: trees, bushes, just grass and different flowers. Common trees are birch, acacia, linden, chestnut, maple, conifers.
In my village there is no hedge like in England. I think there is not bleak landscape. My dream is live near to sea with sandy beaches and turquoise water.
I was born in Kazakhstan in a lager city Almaty. There are a lot of different landscapes . In the countryside you can see wonderful mountains and forest, also there are fileds separate by hedgerows and rolling hills in the distance. Th countryside around there is very unusual compared another city Kazakhstan. In the winter if you go to the mountains you can see bleak , windy landscapes full of never ended pine forest . If you go Charyn Canyon you can see weird rock formations with incredible mesas.
Actually I live in Fieri,a small city located in southern Albania.Compared to other cities in my country it is very developed in terms of economic aspects because there have been incremental changes in the industry sector.However we have a deficiency of greenery and lots of fumes are produced by the surrounding factories.As a result of this in my leisure time I prefer to go in Ardenica ,the nearest countryside that offers unparalleled sunrise views and a fantastic range of colorful odorous flowers.Furthermor it provides a multitude of museums and art galleries so I have the great opportunity to please myself.
I currently reside in a suburban district of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. What appeals to me most is the serenity of the place where I live. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the city, it's covered by towering trees. My interest is capturing colorful wild flowers blooming on the roadside. Many tiny insects are attracted by the scent of these flowers. Being born in an area where farming is the backbone of locals' economy, I can see with my own eyes how the locals harvest their rice, fruit and vegetable crops annually. Generally, I love the natural beauty in my neighborhood, but my dream is living by the sea to soak up the yellow sun and blue sea, and play my favorite water sports.
I grew up in a village called Mai sheka meaning, water with green ground. The ground is full of stones and rocks which make it hard to walk and drive. Parcels are separated by stone walls and the farm fields too. Clay is the dominant soil of my village and I remembered when I was struggling to take out my feet from the dumped soil due to rain during the summertime. There are trees with flowers in which the bee farming people keeping it.
I live on the bank of a river. The nature I can admire from my window is such an endless grassland which goes on for miles. We have no hedgerows here. The only barrier between fields is the river. My favourite place to relax is near the pine forests which are surrounded by the river. The special view is in the evening, when the sun tries to shorten the distance between the sky and the earth in order to kiss our stunningly beautiful blue-eyed river.
I live in the East Coast of America, where I can reach to some beaches within just one hour. The beach here is dramatically turquoise with many giant stiffs. The most interesting thing is that the waves are usually moderately strong, so all my children can swim. Our family does not only love beach but also mainland. Here where we live, the landscape is almost plain, so you can drive miles between endless grass fields or rows of trees. The greenery is diverse and It changes seasonally. I love the time that season changing from summer to fall the most, when leaves change from green to yellow and the weather is cool.
I live in an industrial city, so I hardly feel comfortable with its landscape, just buildings, vehicles with smoke. Nonetheless, my parents used to experience their childhood in the countryside with spectacular fields, towering trees as well as flying storks - a familiar image of Vietnamese countrysides. Thus, I always take any chances I have to get there to enjoy the unspoiled atmosphere and great scenery.
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