Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №34. Тема: Как рассказать о спорте на английском языке - улучшайте разговорную речь на английском языке.

На этом уроке вы сможете научиться говорить о спорте на английском языке. Улучшите свой разговорный английский, рассказывая о спорте.
Вы любитель спорта? Какими видами спорта вам нравится заниматься?
Спорт - очень распространенная тема в разговоре на английском языке, поэтому независимо от того, любите вы спорт или нет, хорошо, когда есть что сказать, и есть возможность задать несколько вопросов о спорте.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Обсудить свои симпатии и антипатии к разговорам о спорте на английском языке.
- Узнать о спортивной лексике, которую вы можете использовать в разговоре на английском языке.
- Описать виды спорта, которыми вы занимаетесь, и почему они вам нравятся.
- Улучшить разговор на английском языке, чтобы описывать виды спорта на английском языке.
- Увидеть пример разговора о спорте на английском языке и отвечать соответствующим образом.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:

I’ve always been sporty and the sports I enjoyed changed with my age. In my period of middle school, I was very interested in playing basketball and almost played it every day with some classmates in the playground inside our campus. For me, there is no better feeling than scoring. But I found playing badminton weirdly fascinating during my college. I went to a class twice a week at the sports centre to play it under the guidance of teachers. The most important thing is the fabulous feeling of smash. At present, l usually tend to go to the gym or go jogging once a week. Personally, I just like the feeling of getting some physical activity after sitting in an office all day.

At the time of the bachelor. I had a sports course. before the course, I wasn't sporting at school. the first day I went to the hall I saw the other students so happy but I had not happy. the teacher told us to run for 10 minutes. after 3 minutes I was very tired and I couldn't run. after the class, all of my muscles have ached. but I found the sport is a good way to stay healthy but I'm lazy and did not continue the exercising


I used to be a football fan. I'd played football in every Saturday evening for a long time, as a midfield in a team of 5. For me, hanging out and having beer with friends after matches is important. Recently I've got into go jogging but I usually meet my former teammates for drinking after playing sport.

To be honest, I enjoy practising some sports, but I'm not a fanatic. I'm interested in playing badminton and going swimming, but I don't want to take it too seriously. I live by the sea, therefore, I usually go swimming with my friend there. It takes me three a week to enjoy the beach. I have loved it since I was young. For me, Swimming is very fun and relaxing and I can hang out with my friend. Furthermore, I do like feeling healthy, keeping fit and improving my flexibility. Swimming is a wonderful sport.


" I enjoy some sports, though I'm not a fanatic. Playing batminton or something like that can be fun. I play batminton, every sunday with my family in our home garden. My brother is tge one who got me into it. Personally I don't really care about the game or who wins. For me the most important thing is just spend time outdoors in the fresh air with my family because spend time with my family is the best thing I like to do. It brings me a great sense of satisfaction. "

I enjoy some sports, though I'm not a fanatic. At the beginning, I started a few yoga classes at a studio near my house. For a while, I find yoga absolutely amazing as there's no better feeling than relax after a tiring section. For nearly a year, I practiced yoga everyday. For me, yoga classes is also a social side to meet some friends at weekend. However, I do not take that too seriously.

I didn't use to play sports, but now I do a lot. I find playing badminton very relaxing. I am used to getting up early every morning and playing this kind of sport with my beloved mother at the end of our detached house. We usually play it for one and a half hours. I just like the feeling of getting some physical activity after sitting in the classroom for hours on end every single day. For me, the most crucial thing is spending quality time with my mother outdoors in the fresh air. I love competing. There's no better feeling than beating my mother after a tiring badminton match. I am not adept at yoga, and I only took it up a couple of weeks ago at a local gym near my house. It takes me about fifteen minutes to go there by my electric bike.I've been doing it for three months now. I'm into this kind of exercise because I can easily find equanimity through it. Practicing yoga regularly also helps me increase productivity at work.

I really like your lessons and the way you teach. I've always been interested in sport. I played football at school and in the streets, but recently I got into the gym thrice a week. I generally like sports but I'm not a fanatic playing football or something like that can be fun, but I don't take it too seriously. In fact I just like the feeling of getting physicall activity like doing some weight training session after getting back from the school. For me the most important thing is just staying healthy and and spending time outdoors in the fresh air.

I cannot decide that I am a sport fan or not ,it depends on what we want to mean when we say a sport if you want mean that sport means is doing social activity with your team like football,basketball, hockey etc. or if it is more individual
like tennis,swimming,cycling etc.


Thank u for the lessons
" Well, to be honest , I'm not a fanatic, however, I have been playing badminton since my teacher taught me about this sport which is considered as a fundamental subject at school. Having immersted in this sport for the part of the last 4 years, I find it really captivating . Now, I often play badminton in daily afternoon after a hectic working schedule so as to refresh my mind and recharge my batteries for the next day."

I find playing sports weirdly fascinating .I love to play and watch sports such as foot ball.I play football in the playground with my friends.For me the most important part is spending time out side with companions.I don't care about winning.Just want to enjoy some fresh air.

To be honest, I'm not really sporty and I've always found watching sports rather dull. The only sport I've ever played is football. The reason why I played football was that it was a great way to hang out with my friends while doing some exercise. We used to play five-a-side football every saturday night. However we haven't played since the pandemic started (and I haven't seen them either). So what I do now is dance workout as it is an indoor activity and it's great for improving your fitness, too. I really got into it a couple of months ago. The best part of it is that you can find tons of dance workout videos on youtube so you can do it on your own in the comfort of your home.

Even though I'm not a sports person, I've got into cycling since the age of 14 as Mum pushed me to. She wanted me to be fit and healthy but, once I grew older, I started to enjoy cycling that I do it on daily basic with some of my friends at the national park. There's no better feeling than when I'm tired after a good ride. Personally, cycling is a great alternative if you are somebody who loves nature and breathing fresh air at the same time. That's exactly the reason why I keep it consistent. Now that I pursue this sport, I'm so much happier as a person.

Personally I enjoy some sports ,though I'm not a fanatic. In my leisure time,especially in shiny summer days I prefer going for swimming, but I really dont want to take it too seriously. Usually I deal with a physical activity once in a week or two weeks.Nowdays we are leading a sedentary lifestyle and this has negative consequences in our well being.However physical exercise means a lot and affects both mentally and physically in a human being. Recently I have decided to go jogging in the evenings and I'm finding it weirdly fantastic. Furthermore it fills me with positive vibes and I feel more resilient and fresh.In addition it has helped me to improve the quality of my assignments and now I'm more concentrated than ever while working.


Thank you for the lesson, it really help us so much! Here's my long asnwer:
"Personally, I enjoy practicing sports however I'm not that into it. For instance, I often do exercise with my sister and rarely by myself. I just like the feeling of doing some helthy and having a good time. Actually, I think that it can be pretty fun if we suit to our way of training. In othe news, I fancy doing Tai Chi thought I'm not take it too seriously. I just do it because I find it quite relaxing and de-stressing. In addition, I do it often on the mornings after get up but sometimes in the afternoon with my sister, as well. For me, there's no better feeling than start the day in a calm mood.

I enjoy some sports, specially go swimming and cycling but recently I've got into doing workout. I got 130lb before because I was bored doing workout and any others physical activities then I realized that I should start doing something for weight loss. So, I started my weight loss plans by doing workout and making diet plan. I've been doing working out at home since 7 months ago. I got a big result after 7 months and I feel stay fit and healthy now. I get more confidence whatever I wear. I don't need to do some intense workout exercises for weight loss so I made a decision that I'll do workout 3 or 4 times in a week for health by watching some YouTube workout videos.


I'm not that into sport, to be honest. I'm not very athletic but I found doing yoga very relaxing. I started doing yoga three months ago. I go to the class twice a week at the yoga center near my house. At first, I wanted a new hobby and I liked the physical activities after sitting in an office all day. But, I really enjoy doing yoga and I think I'll start training more regularly. Because, I aware that my body is getting fit as well as my mind is calm. I love doing yoga in the morning to get much more energy for the whole day and I can't live without it.

Personally I enjoy do some sports but I’m not fanatic. When I was child I play football with my friend and it was very funny. Recently I do some basic exercise for example push up, push down and some exercise with free weight. To be honest I want to go gym but l don’t have free time for that but in the future I definitely go there because sports the most important in our life. Do any activity related sports, it will help to keep healthy.

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