Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №36. Тема: Как рассказать о еде и приготовлении пищи на английском языке - урок разговорного английского.

На этом уроке вы сможете научиться говорить о еде. Выучите полезные слова и фразы, чтобы говорить о еде и приготовлении пищи на английском языке.
Вы увидите, как говорить о разных кухнях, о еде, которая вам нравится - или не нравится - и о приготовлении пищи и привычках в еде.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Приобрести новые фразы и словарный запас, чтобы говорить о кухнях и блюдах, когда вы говорите о еде на английском языке.
- Выучить прилагательные, которые вы можете использовать при описании еды на английском языке.
- Рассказать о кулинарии на английском языке и привести примеры, которые вы можете использовать в разговоре на английском языке.
- Описать, как приготовить конкретное блюдо на английском языке. Вы услышите несколько полезных фраз для описания процесса приготовления на английском языке.
- Изучить больше кулинарной лексики, которую вы можете использовать для улучшения своего разговорного английского.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
I'm from Peru. I love Peruvian food so much that I couldn't live without it. Our cuisine is a result of a mix of cultures (Spanish, African, Italian, Japanese and so on). That's why is so unique and delicious. Every dish tells a story. There are so many dishes and one of them is called "Papa a la huancaina" and it's my favourite. This dish has potatoes and a cream made of milk, cheese, soda cookies and some kind of chili known as "aji amarillo". To prepare this dish. First you have to boil the potatoes. Then you have to put the milk, cheese, chili and soda cookies all together in a blender and blend the ingredients. After that, in a plate you have to put some lettuce, upon the lettuce place the potatoes and the cream. You can also put a olive and a piece of egg as decoration.
Thank you very much for this interesting information. Keep up the good work. I'm Moroccan. We eat mediterenean food. A lot of fish, meat with prunes, tagline with meat balls, roast chicken, stuffed chicken. We use much spices, but we are also open to international cuisines like pasta, pizza, Paela. Cooking habits: 3 meals a day+ eating between meals (casse-croute). Moroccan cuisine is rich and diverse. The famous dishes:couscous and tagine.
First of all I would like to say thank you for this useful lesson. All of your lessons are MY CUP OF TEA! You are the best teachers and you have the best way to teach us English language. As far as food I can say that I am one who adore food. I really like eating difference food from different countries. I grew in my country and town, and you can get different foods from Italian to Indian. Combination of difference cuisines are my favorite. In my town we can offer you scrumptious food named "veal under the oven" and "octopus under the oven". The veal under oven is consists of veal, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic and olive oil. It must be baked under special oven using wood only, The octopus must be prepared the same but with a little bit white wine. When I was young I ate a lot of pork but now I avoid it. Now, I am dedicated to the Mediterranean diet with the less fat. I can't stand greasy food. So I like sea food, salad and lighter food. Pasta is the most important in our cuisine and without pasta we will be died. I know that is not so healthy but what we can do. In my town we have we have the influence of Italian cuisine. You can find some Spanish food like meatballs in tomatoes sauce. It is very simple food but really tasty. I must have minimum three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I am preparing some food for myself. So, I am not an expert and genius but I do my best. Sometimes my food is tender, fresh, crunchy, delicious, juicy, and well prepared, but sometimes I failed and it is bland, chewy, tough, mushy, overcooked, and spicy. It depends of my mood. I am master to prepare tart. It is always amazing, rich, texture with tangy flavor and aroma. I avoid takeaway food because it is unhealthy and so expensive. As all ordinary people I am cooking every Saturday and Sunday. If some food left, I eat next day. Fresh cocking food is the best food. When I go to my company I am usually in company's cantina and eat with my colleagues. It is free food but not so tasty, even awful. My eating habits are not so healthy because i am too busy with my work and I do not have time for cooking. Stay healthy and eat healthy food!
Your videos always make me learn new things and this one is no exception. I love Indian cuisine the most as I grew up eating Indian food. I like Chinese cuisine as well apart from that I haven't tried any other cuisines. I like Indian food because it is spicy, rich, and flavourful. I know how to cook but I don't like to so I kind of avoid cooking as long as possible. I have a maid who makes food for me and I mostly eat homemade food. There was a time when I used to eat a lot of junk foods,skip meals which affected my health and caused me to gain weight. Then I switched to homemade food with very less oil and just a little spices and seasonings to enhance the taste of fresh ingredients. Yesterday my maid cooked mutton for me and I was delicious. The mutton pieces were so tender that they fell off from the bone as I hold them up to put them in my mouth. It was a little spicy but not at all rich so I ended up eating more than I usually eat.
I am brazilian and I love brazilian cuisine because of its diversity. We have a lot of flavors, dishes, ingredients, spices. For example: cheese bread, feijoada (black beans and cuts of pork. It's really delicious), tapioca (cassava starch and you can choose a lot of types of filling), brigadeiro (a dessert made of chocolate), cocada (a dessert made of coconut), pirao (a dish made of fish and cassava flour), caipirinha (a drink of cachaca, lime and sugar), etc.
Hi everyone! I am from Vietnam and I wanna say that Vietnamese food is really tasty and worth to give a try. Vietnamese food is varied since almost every different area in my country has its own specific local food. Also our dishes are pretty healthy. Traditional one is usually cooked with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables, little oil or strong flavors. Normally, "Banh mi" or "Pho" is our best-known food among foreigners but if you have a chance to visit Vietmam, I really recommend you to taste other kind of noodles like "Bun rieu", "Bun oc", "Bun cha ca", "Banh da cua", "Bun bo Hue" and "Banh canh". That's all I wanna share with you guys, have a nice day! Thank you Oxford Online English for this amazing lesson.
I make most of my meals even though I don't cook everyday. On every Sunday , I do shopping and I prepare food for next week. I take a packed lunch to work because I prefer to homemade dish. For dinner, I make omelette with tomatoes because it is effortless. My favourite food is fried fresh rice noodles. You can also call " cut purse". Let me talk about the recipes. The basic ingredients are fresh rice noodles, bean sprouts, meat, salt, vinegar, oil , grind chilly , garlic , onion and egg. First off, heat the pan on the stove for a while. And, add some Oil, saute garlic , onion, grind chilly ,and meat. After ,add fresh rice noodles, bean sprouts , vinegar, some water and sprinkle a pinch of salt and stir thoroughly until the meat and fresh rice noodles are cooked.Don't add a lot of water otherwise it could be mushy. Finally, cut purse is ready to eat. I like it for many reasons. For one thing, it is delicious and could be a satisfying meal or snack. For another thing, it is famous in our town and can buy it in any part of our town. What's more, it is affordable for everyone. I eat cut purse almost weekly. Thank you so much for your video. It is very helpful for me to learn vocabularies.
I'm a big fan of fruits and vegetables.They are fresh and crunchy and contain essential vitamins and minerals which are good for our health. I can eat a whole lot of them. Actually I cannot function without them. They account for a significant part in my diet. I also enjoy seafood because it's so tasty and nutritous,especially when it's grilled.
The fact is that I'm not a picky eater, I'm usually up for trying new thing but there is one dish that really grosses me out. It's Bun dau mam tom" which is rice noodle served with an assortment of toppings and a dipping shrimp sauce. The rice is fine but the sauce is disgusting,spicy and sour. Junk talking about it is making me want to throw up.
By contrast,my personal favourite dish is Takka, meatballs served with tomato sauce. It's simple but very tasty. It's sweet,sour and a little bit spicy. The meat is not chewy but very tender.The sauce is rich and great.

I'm Pradeep Kumar from India. As you all know India is famous for cultural diversity at the same time it is well known for its local cuisines. It has myriad types of dishes, like very plain bland tested lentils curry to spicy chicken curry. I will take this opportunity to talk about my favorite dish called "Onion Salan". This is a sauce which is medium thick and this goes very well with biryani or even with plain rice. The cooking process little bit longer as it needs quite a good amount of time at the same time it requires more ingredients, though they are most common ingredients. Firstly heat the pan add the peanuts to it, dry roast them on a slow flame. Once the peanuts are roasted add sesame seeds and grated dry coconut, roast them for some time then finally add the chopped onions roast all of them for a while. Once the mixture to cools down little bit, put it in blender and make it into a fine paste.

Now the main process starts, heat the pan, put oil and add onion slices preferably thick slices, saute them by sprinkling the salt, then take out the sauteed onions in a plate or bowl, leaving the oil in a pan. To this oil add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste and curry leaves, saute them. Then add turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and finally add the paste which we have prepared in the first step along with little bit more water. Bring it to boiling, once it reaches the boiling point, simmer it further for 15 to 20 min with lid on. Which brings the mixture to little thick. Finally add tamarind juice and jaggery to the same along with salt to taste. Cook for another 15 min. As a final touch put the sauteed onions which Is the last ingredient.Let the curry cool down. That's it, you have absolutely delicious dish called "Onion salan". I know it is little lengthier but believe me it taste so well, worth trying. Happy cooking :-).

The Chinese food is quite delicious, and Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spicy flavor among many local cuisines in China. A dish in Sichuan cuisine named “poached spicy slices of pork” which I like very much. The sliced pork is boiled with a variety of chili ingredients and then removed and sprinkled with hot vegetable oil. Not like the chewy beef, it tastes very soft and makes you feel like it melts in your mouth. Unfortunately, I am not good at cooking, I always eat in the canteen at my girlfriend’s college
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