Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №4. Тема: 20 офисных выражений для описания вашего рабочего места на английском языке.

Изучите полезную офисную лексику и фразы для описания офисов на английском языке и расскажите о том, где вы работаете. В этом уроке визуальной лексики делового английского языка вы узнаете, как говорить о различных типах офисов, одежде, помещениях и другие офисные выражения. Попрактикуйтесь в разговоре на английском языке и улучшите словарный запас.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Изучить полезные фразы, которые вы сможете использовать для описания своего офиса.
- Увидите, как можно использовать эту офисную лексику в разговоре.
- Узнаете, как вы можете говорить об одежде в офисе.
- Рассказать о разных помещениях в офисе и о том, как вы можете описать их другим в разговоре.
- Получите несколько полезных наглядных примеров офисной лексики, фраз и расширите свой словарный запас.
- Описать, как вы используете технологии в офисе.
- Использовать новые слова и фразы, чтобы говорить о безопасности в офисе.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
I work in an open plan office, which can make it hard to focus on my daily tasks. Luckily, we have some cubicles that we can use to isolate ourselves from the others. Before I go to the office, I have to book a desk, which will be reserved for the day and before I can enter the office, I have to swipe my card at the front door. The dress code is casual so we can wear whatever we like and there are no personal offices no matter your role in the company. There are surveillance cameras but I doubt that they ever look at the tapes unless there's a special reason to do so. We also have a conference room for larger meetings.
My office has cubical and very less open windows, but very good interiors. After covid once resume office I feel very pleasant. Our office has also a tight security , each internal doors are kept closed and open through employee swipe cards. Additionally all the areas of our office covered through cameras, some time employees not like it due to they watched, but it necessary for safety points.
I'm working in an open plan office. Although some of my co-workers sometimes complain, I like it because it is easy to communicate with each other. Every time I am stuck on a difficult task, I try to get help from them, I guess that's why some of them hate it.
Most of the office I work in is open plan but there are also departments in separate rooms. Most people dress smart casual but occasionally it?s possible to wear a casual attire, on Fridays for example. We have heavy-duty photocopiers and printers scattered around the office and our I.T department is supposed to have them fixed whenever they play up.
There?s also a break room where staff can go for a quick cup of coffee or snack. There are cameras monitoring the office and activity tracking software which staff frown upon but nobody has been called out on anything during all the years I?ve been with the company.
My office in an open plan area. It's light and modern. but it can quite noisy. sometimes it can be hard to focus on my work. Our office is very beautiful, colossal and very gigantic. Our office is quite casual. So people just wear what they want. But you have to dress smartly at all times. Sometimes we have bigger meetings at conference room. We have a copy room with a photocopier and a heavy duty printer. always printer breaks a lot or the paper jammed. our office relied on paper records for many things. So everyone has to know how our filling system works. Recently the office decided to go on paperless system., so now all records are going on digital. Our office has lots of security. Most of external and internal doors are kept locked and we need a swipe card to open them. Because of the only our office members allows to enter the office. Cameras monitor all areas of the office. The office has light security.
I work in a shiftwork system and me and my workmates use a hot desk to work. We share also information on this hot desk. This is very usefull, because we don?t see us every day. The night watch is also sleeping in this room, so we have a "hot bed" *laugh*, no serious we use a bed with different casing for everyone, who has to sleep on work.
I worked in an open plan Office of a bank and it had a strick dress code. you had to be dressed smart-lookingly. in my second job, our workplace was so cramped that we had to hot desk. we also had to be dressed smart casual.
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