Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №85. Тема: Как говорить о фильмах и фильмах на английском языке - Разговорный английский урок.

На этом уроке вы узнаете, как говорить о фильмах на английском языке. Какой последний фильм вы видели? Что это был за фильм? Вам понравилось это или нет? На этом уроке вы научитесь говорить о фильмах и высказать свое мнение о различных фильмах, которые вы смотрели. Не забудьте поделиться комментарием о фильме, который вы смотрели!

1. Говоря о типах фильмов 0:47
2. Как представить фильм 4:52
3. Разговор о фильме, который вам нравится 8:12
4. Разговор о фильме, который вам не нравится 12:17
5. Длинный ответ 15:11

Этот урок сможет помочь вам:
- Понять, как описать различные типы фильмов и выучить словарный запас для жанров кино.
- Увидеть полезные способы рассказать о фильме и представить фильм другим.
- Получить полезный словарный запас и фразы, чтобы поговорить о фильмах, которые вам нравятся.
- Узнать, как говорить о фильмах на английском языке, которые вам не нравятся.
- Сделайте длинный ответ, чтобы говорить о фильмах на английском языке.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
My favourite movies are Harry Potter. It’s a fantasy film, with stories about the wizarding world. There were four directors across every film, with Chris Columbus directing the first and second film, and Alfonso Cuaron directing the third. Mike Newell directed the fourth with David Yates staying the longest, as he directed the last four films. The first movie was release in 2001 and release in 2011 for the last movie. Daniel Radcliffe are in it as the Harry Potter. It’s based on the book by J.K Rowling. I really like it because it’s such an amazing movie that is very well made with very detailed sets, ornaments, costumes, effect, and etc. Maybe because I watched the first movie, the first actor were the same age as me, so that’s also one of the reasons I like it.
I'm going to tell you about the film Parasite which is a popular film recently. It was nominated for six Occars and won four honorable awards. That's so amazing and it is a surprise to the international community about a film which does not use English. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho and it stars Choi Woo-shik who is my favorite actor. It is a drama. The film mentioned about the problem of rich and poor division in society today and the difference in their lives. The lead actor was really good and the film was believable and thought-provoking. However there are a few scenes that makes you scare. I think you should watch it if you like drama.
I'm going to talk about my favorite film from the last few years which was Bahubali. It's a historical film and the cast and crew were amazing. Director Mr.Rajamouli took almost 5 years to complete this movie and both the lead actors were quite incredible. Their acting skills in this movie were outstanding. I watched a plethora of movies but it is the best one. It's a historical movie but it is having all emotions like love, happiness, sadness, helping nature and so on.
One of my favorite movies is Knives Out. It was directed by Rian Johnson and released on 2019. I like this movie because it has a plot twist and the actors were acted well. The genre is mistery and crime. And the characters are Hugh Drysdale, Daniel Craig, Marta Cabrera, and etc. It was taken place for the set in Boston, Massachussets. The story was about a man with his family which his children were fighting for inheritance. And some accident happened. Go watch this movie to get know what will happen next after that. This film also got an award for Outstanding Motion Picture Enesemble.
I enjoy watching movies, like romcom, thriller, sci-fi, or fantasy. One of my favorite movies is Twilight. It’s a romantic and fantasy movie. It stars Kristen Stewart who was Bella, a female lead character and Robert Pattinson who was Edward, a male lead character. The movie was released in 2008. The movie combined romantic love with Vampire and human beings, which is set in a small town in the US, and the plot was really attractive.

I was touched by Bella sincerely and deeply loved Edward, she preferred to become a vampire for staying with Edward forever. On the contrary, Edward constantly tried to prevent her from being a vampire and protected her all the time. they got lots of difficulties but she eventually became a vampire and his wife. It was so sweet and lovely. The movie was based on a series of the same name book written by Stephenie Meyer. There were three sequels after the first movie. I like the first one and the second one most.
'Im going to tell about one of my favorite movies "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". The director of the film is Andrew Adamson. It is a Action, Fantasy film and is based on the novel by C.S.Lewis. The film tells the story of the four children from the human world who saved Narnia. They were four Pevensie brothers who were later crowned king and queen of Narnia. After several years passed, now they are back to that place. Since the four Pevensie brothers left Narnia. Narnia's condition began to fall apart when the Telmarine invaded. After King Telmarine is assassinated, Lord Miraz attempts to usurp the throne. In the hands of Lord Miraz, the Telmarine Kingdom became a cruel kingdom and tried to conquer Narnia. I enjoyed this film because the acting cast is well acted and because I like genres film Action, Fantasy.
I want to talk about the movie "The Medium", which is one of my favorite movies. The director of the film is Banjong Pisanthanakun. It is a Horror or Supernatural film and is based on the true story of a shaman from Northern Thailand in the Isan area. Shot in footage or pseudo-documentary style resembling Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, the film begins with a documentary team investigating and surveying the shamanic practices of the Isan people in northeastern Thailand. The film tells the story of the shaman's nephew who is possessed by many evil spirits that he eventually makes everyone possessed and die. I enjoyed the film because the acting cast is very believable, and the screenplay is quite good with the nuances of regional traditions there. This is the best horror documentary I've ever seen.
Hello, I am going to tell you about one of my favorite movies which is "Train To Busan" I watched this movie four years ago but I still can remember the whole plot of the story in this film. "Train To Busan" is a film from South Korea by Yeon Sang-ho and about the genre is horor, action, and drama. I really like the plot story from this movie and actually the main actor. He is my idol from South Korea his name is Gong Yoo. He is so handsome and very kind and I also like when he acting on movie or on drama. This movie is very interesting especially the storyline. The shooting location of this film is in the Busan Station. This film tells the story of people who are infected with a virus and turn into zombies and want to survive. The actors who play in this film are trying to save themselves from being infected by the virus, but only two people can survive. Actually There are 3 people but one of them, my idol, chose to sacrifice himself because he was infected by the virus while trying to help someone. It's sad ending for me because my idol Gong Yoo death in the end :( .
Although I’m a big fan of horror films, I also like true stories, the ones focus more on real people.
“The Danish Girl” is one of my favorites films from the last years. I saw it when it was on in the cinema. Although part of the story is fiction, the main story is based on a real story of one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery. It was set in Denmark, I guess in the 1920’s.
It was a kind of drama and I found it really touching. I’ve even cried during the film. Eddie Redmayne plays the main character and was absolutely remarkable and believable in the role of Lili. I guess his performance was excellent. Despite he didn’t won the Oscar for this performance, he was nominated and in my opinion he should have won it.
It was the same director as in The King’s Speech, other great movie, but I can’t remember his name.
Sets and costume designs were very picturesque. Also Alicia Vikander is in it, performing as his wife. Some of her dresses were really beautiful.
I could say that I’m really into romantic films, and I have my favorite one, in the title “Cinderella” I could say that, this movie is kinda musical too, cause I could find a lot of parts where they are singing and it was amazing. So this movie was released on 11 March 2015, it’s a Kenneth Branagh film. Lily James and Richard Madden are in it. It’s set in the 1870-the 1880s somewhere in rural France. It’s based on a book by Masaru Mizutani, who is from Japan. The reason why I’m really into this movie is that I thought it was touching, where cinderella should survive from her devil’s stepmother and finally could found her soulmate. All of the character or artist that are in it is believable, their acting was so excellent and I am still amazed by a lot of special effects that are given in this film, it looks like they working hard on it.
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