Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №96. Тема: Как говорить о деньгах по-английски - Урок разговорного английского.

На этом уроке вы узнаете, как говорить о деньгах по-английски. Поделитесь с нами своими мыслями о деньгах и счастье в комментариях!
Вы выучите полезные английские слова и фразы, чтобы говорить на общие денежные темы, такие как ваши привычки как тратить деньги, зарплата, занимать деньги и многое другое. Вы сможете расширить свой словарный запас и говорить о деньгах в разговоре на английском языке.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Понять, как говорить о трате денег по-английски.
- Научиться говорить о долгах и занимать деньги.
- Рассказывать об инвестициях и экономии денег на английском языке.
- Увидеть примеры естественных английских разговоров о деньгах на английском языке.

1. Разговор о расходах и сбережениях 0:46
2. Разговор о зарплате и расходах 4:32
3. Разговор о долгах и заимствованиях 8:06
4. Разговор об инвестициях 11:21

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
Happiness and money are quietly related with each other. If you could think happiness like water, then money would be the bottle. It's possible that Happiness might come without money, but to keep happiness for a longer period of time, Money acts like a 'friend in need is a friend indeed'. I'm very keen on watching your videos and my real love to both of you just get the ground by posting comment for the first time. Many many thanks for both of You.
Money can make u happy if u seek money. Health can make u happy if u seek health. It's not about specific thing that makes us happy, it's about what we always seek and desire.
Thanks Oxford Online English for this fascinating and helpful video. I am living in Tokyo, Japan and make decent money, at the first I was happy about this, but time getting by I am getting quite bored now, because each day is pretty similar and I am working with a boring job. So now, I am trying to learn English, take the IELTS and gonna come to another country for challenging and making my dream becoming reality. Thanks again.
Happiness is a complex concept depends on paticulary situation. Money doesn't bring happiness to someone, but without money, people can't afford the lifestyle themselves, at least having a lot money you will be more respected and do every thing you want. In my opinion, make money much as much possible within your ability (in flamework of law and mindset) and spending reasonable to assure your life and helping the others. Your destiny is most important, and use money as a tools to make you happiness and useful. Thank a lot, from Vietnam.
Thank very much. What a nice pronunciation!! I’ve always been struggling with the /z/ sound or the other one which is like a lowercase z, but now I think I got it from Mikey.
And in my case I agree, money can make you happy, because if you are upset you can go to buy something and release stress or if you have enough or a lot of money you can help the less favoured which makes you happy as well. but you can not buy everything like health intelligence or life forever. Sorry you just have to accept life with the ups and downs
I agree with this idea because:
+ firstly money can buy time such as people can save time to buy a lot of things. this day they can order and have it delivered to their door. So they can have time to make anything they like and then they can happiness
+ Secondly, if you can earn lots of money, you can travel all over the world. that can make you comfortable and happy with all things you have. but you can effectively control the money that you earn
+ Summarize money can buy happiness but sure money can't buy lasting happiness. money can't buy health but it helps you protect your healthcare
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