Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №1-46. Тема: Нехватка времени.

1) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст.
2) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и смотрите на английский текст.
3) Прочитайте английский текст вслух.
4) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст. Если вам все понятно, выполните упражнение и тест. Если нет, повторите пункт 2 и снова выполните пункт 4.

The man in the conversation tells the woman he has a problem in philosophy class.
His problem is that he has no time to read any of the books being assigned.
One thing the woman suggests is joining her study group that meets for an hour or two every week to discuss the readings.
This is a good idea.
It will solve the man's problem because in short amounts of time he will hear and discuss key points in the readings with others and remember them more easily .
Мужчина в разговоре говорит женщине, что у него проблема на уроке философии.
Его проблема в том, что у него нет времени читать ни одну из назначенных книг.
Одна вещь, которую предлагает женщина, - это присоединиться к ее учебной группе, которая собирается на час или два каждую неделю, чтобы обсудить чтения.
Это хорошая идея.
Это решит проблему человека, потому что за короткое время он услышит и обсудит ключевые моменты в чтениях с другими и легче их запомнит.
Нажмите кнопку "Скрыть". Кликните на появившихся полях ввода и впишите нужные слова, фразы и предложения. Проверьте и исправьте ошибки, нажав "Показать".

Read the article and tick ( ) A, B, or C.

Mountain Gorillas
Alison Hammond is writing a series of articles about animals in danger for Nature Magazine. This week, she tells us about mountain gorillas.
What would you do if you saw a mountain gorilla? Most people would probably be very afraid and run away! That's because gorillas have a very frightening appearance. Firstly, gorillas are huge. They can grow up to 2 metres tall and can weigh more than 200 kilograms (male gorillas weigh twice as much as female gorillas). Secondly, gorillas can make a lot of noise. They can roar, bang their chests, and show their teeth. In fact, these aggressive displays are very rare and male gorillas only do it when they are protecting their families.
The truth is, gorillas are incredibly intelligent, gentle, and social animals that stay together in small family groups. The leader is the largest male, called the silverback. That's because of the beautiful silver fur on its back. They spend almost all of their time on the forest floor, eating and sleeping. They are mainly vegetarian, although they eat some insects. Young gorillas often play together. They run around and climb trees. At night, the animals make a nest to sleep in. The lighter gorillas nest in trees. The heavier gorillas make nests on the ground and the babies sleep with their mothers. Gorillas rarely attack humans. They only fight when something or someone attacks them or their young. In that situation, they will fight to the death. Hunters looking for baby gorillas may have to kill a whole family to get what they want.
Sadly, there are fewer than 650 mountain gorillas left in the wild, which means they are an endangered species. These gorillas only live in the mountain jungles of Zaire, Rwanda, and Uganda. They are endangered because people hunt them for food and for trophies. They are also threatened by war, and humans cut down their forests for farmland, fuel, and housing. Life for these gentle giants isn't peaceful.

Example: The writer would run away if she saw a gorilla.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /

1 Male gorillas weigh more than female gorillas.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
2 Gorillas often make a lot of noise.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
3 Other male gorillas often fight the leader.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
4 Gorillas only eat plants.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
5 Gorillas all sleep together.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
6 Gorillas only fight if someone tries to hurt them.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
7 They always run away from hunters.
A True / B False / C Doesn't sa y /
8 There are a lot of mountain gorillas in zoos.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
9 Mountain gorillas only live in three places in the wild.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /
10 People are destroying their home.
A True / B False / C Doesn't say /

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