Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №1-60. Тема: История о Марке Твене.

1) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст.
2) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и смотрите на английский текст.
3) Прочитайте английский текст вслух.
4) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст. Если вам все понятно, выполните упражнение и тест. Если нет, повторите пункт 2 и снова выполните пункт 4.

There's a famous story about Mark Twain.
Once he got on a train in New York.
I don't know where he was going, but the train was full.
A ticket-office worker said there was no room on the sleeping coach.
But on the train, the conductor saw him and came right over.
He showed him to a sleeping coach in first class.
He made especially sure that Twain was comfortable .
Then he said, "I'm so proud to have you on this train, sir!"
Mark Twain asked, "Oh! Who am I?" and heard , "General McClellan."
You can imagine his surprise.
Есть известная история о Марке Твене.
Однажды он сел в поезд в Нью-Йорке.
Я не знаю, куда он направлялся, но поезд был полон.
Работник билетной кассы сказал, что в спальном вагоне нет места.
Но в поезде кондуктор увидел его и сразу подошел.
Он показал ему спальный вагон первого класса.
Он особенно позаботился о том, чтобы Твену было удобно.
Затем он сказал: "Я так горжусь тем, что вы в этом поезде, сэр!"
Марк Твен спросил: "О! Кто я?" и услышал: "Генерал Макклеллан".
Можете себе представить его удивление.
Нажмите кнопку "Скрыть". Кликните на появившихся полях ввода и впишите нужные слова, фразы и предложения. Проверьте и исправьте ошибки, нажав "Показать".
Read the article about sleep and tick ( ) A, B, or C.

Six months ago, Jane Walker felt moody and irritable. She couldn't concentrate and the quality of her work was getting worse. She knew she wasn't getting enough sleep, so she decided to see o sleep therapist.
'I have a very stressful job. Six months ago, I often worked until midnight, drove home, had something to eat, went to bed, and then got up at five in the morning. I decided to see a sleep therapist. She said I needed to have a regular sleeping pattern, with seven or eight hours sleep every night. This meant I had to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time - even at weekends. I decided to go to bed at eleven and get up seven.
At first I had problems getting to sleep, so my sleep therapist gave me a few ideas. I often used to go to the gym late in the evening. However, this is a bad idea because exercise can wake you up. So I scarred going for a walk or swimming at lunchtime instead.
My therapist also suggested that I should create the right atmosphere in my room for sleeping. Bright light tells the brain that it's time to wake up, so I bought some heavier curtains and made sure my room was nice and dark. She told me not to fill my brain with exciting thoughts last thing at night. I like reading thrillers, but l put them away and read romantic stories instead! I also bought a relaxation tape and listened to it in bed.
After about a week I was more relaxed during the day and I had better concentration. The result was that I did more work and it was better quality, too. These days, I try to stick to my sleeping schedule. However, it doesn't always work. I sometimes go to bed after midnight at the weekend and I occasionally watch the odd scary movie!'

Example: Jane went to see a therapist because her moods were affecting her _.
A social life / B work / C health /

1 Jane used to go to bed straight after _.
A working / B travelling / C eating /

2 The therapist advised Jane to _.
A go to bed at a regular time /
B get up earlier /
C go to bed earlier /

3 Exercising late in the day _.
A helps you sleep /
B stops you from sleeping /
C has no effect /

4 Jane decided to _.
A give up exercise /
B do more exercise /
C exercise at a different time of day /

5 The therapist told Jane to make her room _.
A brighter / B darker / C quieter /

6 Jane decided _.
A not to read in bed /
B to read more exciting books /
C to read books she didn't usually read /

7 Jane also tried _.
A relaxing exercises /
B listening to tapes in bed /
C speaking to friends /

8 Jane felt better _.
A immediately /
B after a few days /
C after a short time /

9 She started to _.
A work longer hours /
B produce better work /
C dislike her job /

10 Now, Jane _.
A never goes to bed late /
B often reads scary books /
C sometimes breaks the rules /
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