Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №1-71. Тема: Солнечный свет.

1) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст.
2) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и смотрите на английский текст.
3) Прочитайте английский текст вслух.
4) Включите запись. Слушайте диктора и НЕ смотрите на английский текст. Если вам все понятно, выполните упражнение и тест. Если нет, повторите пункт 2 и снова выполните пункт 4.

Sunlight can be a medicine, but we have to know how to use it.
It can harm us if we're not careful.
But sunlight can also keep people from getting many diseases.
It's true that sunlight may cause skin cancer .
Most of the time, however, people don't actually die from skin cancer.
Sunlight can kill germs or bacteria that cause sickness.
It can even do this after passing through glass .
Illness from germs found within hospitals is the fourth leading cause of death in America.
Hospitals with less sunlight have more germs.
On the bright side, though, hospitals with more sunlight have fewer germs.
People also recover faster in hospitals where there is more sunlight.
Maybe we should reconsider our new idea that sunlight is harmful.
Солнечный свет может быть лекарством, но мы должны знать, как его использовать.
Он может навредить нам, если мы не будем осторожны.
Но солнечный свет также может уберечь людей от многих болезней.
Это правда, что солнечный свет может вызвать рак кожи.
Однако в большинстве случаев люди на самом деле не умирают от рака кожи.
Солнечный свет может убивать микробы или бактерии, вызывающие болезни.
Он может делать это даже после прохождения через стекло.
Болезни, вызванные микробами, обнаруженными в больницах, являются четвертой по значимости причиной смерти в Америке.
В больницах с меньшим количеством солнечного света больше микробов.
С другой стороны, в больницах, где больше солнечного света, меньше микробов.
Люди также быстрее выздоравливают в больницах, где больше солнечного света.
Возможно, нам следует пересмотреть нашу новую идею о том, что солнечный свет вреден.
Нажмите кнопку "Скрыть". Кликните на появившихся полях ввода и впишите нужные слова, фразы и предложения. Проверьте и исправьте ошибки, нажав "Показать".
Read the article and tick ( ) True, False or Doesn't say.

How to Survive in the jungle

Last week in our series 'Life in the jungle' we looked at the some of the most fascinating jungles in the world. In this week's feature, we're looking at how to survive in the jungle. Alana Harris gives us some ideas.
When you're in the jungle, you need to leave all your luxuries at home! That means, forget your mobile phone, your favourite coffee, your chocolate bars, and your CD player. When you're in the jungle, you need only four things - water, food, shelter, and fire. You can find all of these easily, but you must know what to look for.
Let's start with water. Even though there's a lot of water in most tropical environments, you may not find it immediately. One way to discover it is to follow animals and birds, as they need liquid regularly. Insects can also be a good sign, because they usually build their nests near water. However, don't only look for rivers. You can also find water in plants such as vines, roots, and palm trees.
You can usually find a lot of food in the jungle, but you must be happy to eat things you wouldn't normally want to, for example, insects. However, you need to know the difference between those you can eat and those that are poisonous, so start reading about them now! For cooking and for warmth, collect dry firewood, leaves, and grass. Then make fire using dry sticks - or take a box of matches or a lighter with you!
The type of shelter you need depends on the weather and the kind of animals that are in the jungle. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes and other insects can be very dangerous, so protect yourself against bites. If you don't have any insect repellent, try putting mud on your skin.
Of course, if you're lost in the jungle, you'll want to get home again. The sun and stars can help you find your way, so you might want to study astronomy. Alternatively, when you find a river, follow it. People usually live near rivers, so if you walk along the river bank, eventually you'll find a village.

Example: This is the first article in the series.
True / False / Doesn't say /

1 Alana Harris has been to the jungle several times.
True / False / Doesn't say /

2 She suggests taking one luxury food item.
True / False / Doesn't say /

3 Animals can lead you to water.
True / False / Doesn't say /

4 Insects can survive a long time without drinking.
True / False / Doesn't say /

5 Alana doesn't recommend getting water from plants.
True / False / Doesn't say /

6 Alana says it's always safe to eat insects.
True / False / Doesn't say /

7 Alana has been poisoned by a plant before.
True / False / Doesn't say /

8 You shouldn't use a lighter to make a fire in the jungle.
True / False / Doesn't say /

9 Mosquitoes will bite you if you don't have insect repellent.
True / False / Doesn't say /

10 It's a good idea to learn about the stars.
True / False / Doesn't say /
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