Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 16.

Перепишите следующие предложения так, чтобы смысл остался прежним.
Rewrite the following sentences so that the meaning remains the same.

(1) He doesn't go out because he doesn't have a lot of money.

If If he had a lot of/more money, he would go out.

(2) I will get home soon and I will call you immediately.

As soon as As soon as I get home, I'll call you.

(3) The car was too expensive for me to buy.

The car wasn't The car wasn't cheap enough for me to buy.
to buy.

(4) Athens is more humid than London.

London London isn't as humid as Athens.
as Athens.

(5) It was forbidden for my mother to wear make-up when she was in school.

My mother My mother couldn't wear make-up when she was in school.
when she was in school.

(6) I've never been to a better restaurant.

It's the It's the best restaurant I've ever been to.
ever been to.

(7) James Cameron was the director of Titanic.

Titanic Titanic was directed by James Cameron.

Выберите ( ) лучшее слово или фразу (a, b или c) для завершения предложений с 1 по 5.

Choose ( ) the best word or phrase (a, b or c) to complete sentences 1 to 5.

(1) We'll cancel the game if the weather _____.
a) will be bad /
b) is bad /
c) was bad

(2) Is it OK _____ early today?
a) I leave /
b) my leaving /
c) if I leave /

(3) _____ you before I go on holiday?
a) Will I see /
b) I see /
c) Do I see /

(4) Can you tell me what time _____?
a) does the train leave /
b) the train leaves /
c) will the train leave /

(5) I _____ eat a lot of fruit when I was young.
a) use not to /
b) didn't used to /
c) didn't use to /

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