Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 19.

Прочтите следующий отрывок о любимом родственнике и выберите ( ) лучший ответ (a, b или c) на вопросы с 1 по 5.

Read the following passage about a favourite relative and choose ( ) the best answer (a, b or c) for questions 1 to 5.

The person I used to look forward to seeing most when I was a young boy was my Aunt Julie. She was a funny-looking lady, and reminded me of a character in my favourite comic. She was quite short and a little overweight, but she had this round, happy face with dimpled cheeks and a little button nose. Her hair was very black and looked like a hat that old ladies sometimes wear.
She always wore old-fashioned clothes, typically a skirt (usually dark blue), a blouse, a woollen cardigan (even when it was quite warm), and flat shoes.

I remember her as being extremely generous, good-natured and hard-working. She was happiest when she was taking care of someone - cleaning their house, cooking or going shopping for them. She never ever complained. And she was always cheerful.
She had a wonderful sense of fun, particularly with children. She used to visit my mother a lot when I was a little boy, and as soon as she came through the front door she used to hold out her arms and pretend she was going to kiss me. Of course, I used to run away. Then she would chase me around the room, catch me and give me a big hug.

Once she came to visit on my sixth birthday. Just before my party started, she called me over to where she was sitting and opened her purse. She paused, watching my eyes growing bigger with excitement, then took out a five-pence piece, put it in my hand and said, 'Buy yourself something nice for your birthday,' pretending not to notice the disappointed look on my face. I walked away, but almost immediately she called me back, reached into her bag and brought out a fantastic toy car.

She could sometimes be a little annoying. When she was in our house, she was always moving around the kitchen singing in a high-pitched voice. But it was impossible to get angry with her. She was loved by everybody that knew her.

(1) Aunt Julie…
a) wore a black hat. /
b) had black hair. /
c) looked like an old lady. /

(2) Aunt Julie wore woollen clothes…
a) if it was cold. /
b) instead of a blouse. /
c) in all types of weather. /

(3) Aunt Julie liked to…
a) keep her house clean. /
b) help people. /
c) buy things for herself. /

(4) When Aunt Julie visited her nephew's house…
a) she used to kiss him. /
b) she used to run after him. /
c) she used to hide from him. /

(5) At the birthday party, Aunt Julie showed that…
a) she enjoyed having fun. /
b) she didn't like spending money. /
c) she didn't really like her nephew. /

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