Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 27.

Прочтите текст "Свидание вслепую". Выберите ( ) слово (a, b, c или d), которое наилучшим образом соответствует каждому пробелу (1-9).
Read the text 'Blind Date' below. Choose ( ) the word (a, b, c or d) that best fits each space (1-9).


When Jack received an (1) to dinner from his friends Bob and Susan, he said he was very busy. When they told him that they were also inviting a friend of theirs, a girl named Veronica, because they had a feeling that they might like each other, he gladly accepted.
'I haven't had a (2) with a girl in years,' he told them. 'I'm so busy that I rarely get the (3) to meet anyone.'

The night they went out, Jack suddenly believed in love at first (4). He felt a strong (5) to Veronica and he hoped that she felt it too. As their 6) developed Jack began to realise that there was something very (7) about her. Eventually, he had to ask her.

'Look, this might sound like a silly (8),' he said, 'but haven't we met before?'
'Yes, Jack,' Veronica replied seriously, 'we went to the same secondary school. I had a really big (9) on you but you never even noticed me.'

'I hope it's not too late to apologise,' replied Jack, 'you see, I was always so busy,' and everyone laughed, including Veronica.

(1) a) invite / b) appointment / c) ask over / d) inquire /
(2) a) reunion / b) meeting / c) date / d) rendezvous /
(3) a) occasion / b) risk / c) opportunity / d) possibility /
(4) a) scene / b) vision / c) view / d) sight /
(5) a) attraction / b) appeal / c) allure / d) engagement /
(6) a) discussion / b) conversation / c) debate / d) speech /
(7) a) memorable / b) well-known / c) familiar / d) recognisable /
(8) a) line / b) talk / c) chat / d) debate /
(9) a) passion / b) love / c) romance / d) crush /

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