Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 29.

Завершите каждое предложение, используя прилагательное заглавными буквами плюс еще одно слово, чтобы завершить предложения в сравнительной и превосходной степени.
Complete each sentence using the adjective in capital letters plus one other word to complete the comparative and superlative sentences.

(1) The Vatican is the smallest state in the world. (SMALL)
(2) We arrived twenty minutes later than
everyone else. (LATE)
(3) It was definitely the worst
day of my life. (BAD)
(4) I think Manhattan is the funniest
film that I have seen. (FUNNY)
(5) I'm not as tall as
my sister. (TALL)
(6) Today I'm happier than
I was yesterday. (HAPPY)

Поставьте глаголы в круглых скобках в правильное время.
Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense.

Helen and I (1) met (meet) each other one day on a Norfolk beach. When I (2) saw (see) her, she (3) was watching (watch) some friends on a boat 150 feet or so from the shore. They (4) were diving (dive) into the water and swimming around the boat. I told Helen that she (5) seemed (seem) very sad. She laughed. 'Yesterday I (6) injured (injure) my foot so I can't join them. But there will be other days,' she said and smiled.

Прочтите текст ниже. Выберите слово из поля, которое наилучшим образом соответствует каждому пробелу. Используйте каждое слово только один раз.
Read the text below. Choose the word from the box that best fits each space. Use each word only once.
put break pulled take shouted jumped disappoint fell

The only time I jumped off a bridge was on my 18th birthday. I was the last person to go and the adrenaline was flowing. As I fell through the air, I remember thinking, 'This is it! I'm going to die! In a few seconds I'm going to break every bone in my body!' I was absolutely terrified. 'Sorry Mum!' I shouted . My body rushed towards the ground at greater and greater speed when suddenly the cord that was attached to my legs pulled me back. That was my first and last bungee jump. I realised that day that I didn't want to take part in any activity that would put my life seriously at risk. I don't have what it takes. I was only there because I didn't want to disappoint my friends. Normal day-to-day life is exciting enough for me. And it's so much safer.

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