Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 37.

Прочтите текст о "серебряной" свадьбе. Выберите слово из таблицы, которое наилучшим образом соответствует каждому пробелу. Есть три слова, которые вам не нужно использовать.
Read the text below. Choose the word from the box that best fits each space. There are three words that you do not have to use.
decoration anniversary commemorate reception celebrate vacations engagement costumes arrangements guests entertainment occasion

My family loves to (1) celebrate good times.
For me, the most memorable (2) occasion
was when we got together for my parents' 25th wedding (3) anniversary .
To make sure that the day was a surprise, we made all the (4) arrangements
in secret.
Fortunately, it was possible to hire the same hall that our parents had used for their wedding (5) reception
twenty-five years earlier.
Also, many of the (6) guests
who had been at the wedding twenty-five years earlier were able to attend.
A few of them even managed to get into the same (7) costumes
For (8) entertainment
, we played the music of the period and the best man even made the same speech.
The (9) decorations
looked wonderful and everyone had a good time. Of course, Mum cried a lot. But she always does that when she's happy!

Завершите каждое предложение, используя косвенную речь.
Complete each sentence using reported speech.

'Peter will be back soon,' Tom said.
Tom said that Peter would be
back soon.
'Do you live far away?' asked Fiona.
Fiona asked me if I lived
far away.
'Simon likes you a lot,' said Roz.
Roz told me Simon likes/liked me
a lot.
'I have never been to Mexico,' said Toni.
Toni said she had never been
to Mexico.
'I think Sheila's working at home,' said Graham.
Graham thought that Sheila was working
at home.

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