Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 43.

Прочтите текст "Собака воссоединилась с семьей спустя шесть лет - в 600 милях от дома". Выберите наречие, выделенное курсивом, которое лучше всего подходит к каждому пробелу.
Read the text below. Choose the adverb in italics that best fits each space.

Dog Reunited with Family after Six Years - 600 Miles from Home

A dog that was missing for six years has been (1) carefully / unexpectedly / hopefully / reunited with her family, thanks to a microchip about the size of a grain of rice that was implanted in her skin when she was a puppy. A stranger found Zeta, a 13-year-old black Pomeranian, walking around the streets in Oxford and used the chip to trace her back to York.

(2) Fortunately / Finally / Strangely / for Zeta, implanted microchips can be scanned to identify a pet and its owner.

Zeta's owner, Hazel Castle, said she was (3) slowly / completely / certainly / heartbroken when the dog disappeared in 1996.
'She went everywhere with us, she was like one of my children,' Hazel said.

(4) Gradually / Breathtakingly / Confidently /, she and her daughter, Renee, now 9, gave up hope of seeing their dog again.

(5) Then / So / Later / a dirty and matted Zeta was spotted on July 5th walking near the river in Oxford - 200 miles south of her home.

A woman who found the dog (6) superbly /immediately / carelessly / took her to a vet, who scanned the microchip.

'I've been able to track dogs before, but (7) unusually / never / any / time up to York,' said the vet, Dr Derek Clive.

(8) Eventually / Possibly / Punctually / Hazel met the woman to reclaim her pet on July 17th.

The dog (9) naturally / fascinatingly / unbelievably / has a few more grey hairs on her muzzle and she also needed an operation for a hernia, but is otherwise 'healthy and happy to be home,' Hazel said.

'When she got home that evening and saw my daughter Renee, Zeta (10) considerably / curiously / carelessly / recognised her - even though Renee was only a baby the last time she saw her,' Hazel said. 'It gave me a chill. I've never seen anything like it.'

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