Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 45.

Прочтите текст о ресторане. Выберите слово a, b, c или d, которое наилучшим образом соответствует каждому пробелу.
Read the text below. Choose the word a, b, c or d that best fits each space.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to (1) d about the meal that I had in your restaurant last Sunday. I was (2) b with both the service and the quality of the food that was served.
Your restaurant was (3) a
to me by a colleague, who assured me that you specialise in seafood of the highest quality. You can imagine my (4) d when I learned that you had no seafood left when I arrived. What is (5) a , the food that I was served was not of the standard that one might expect. To make matters worse, the waiters were both (6) d and rude. I am sure you will see the (7) c why I feel the need to write this letter. I look (8) b to receiving a letter of apology as well as a full (9) a . I enclose the receipt.

Yours faithfully,

(1) a) criticise b) argue c) observe d) complain
(2) a) unsurprised b) dissatisfied c) critical d) unfavourable
(3) a) recommended b) told c) said d) arranged
(4) a) deception b) excitement c) denial d) disappointment
(5) a) more b) extra c) added d) also
(6) a) absent b) unusual c) strong d) inattentive
(7) a) excuse b) because c) reason d) logic
(8) a) now b) forward c) future d) soon
(9) a) refund b) recharge c) return d) remake

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