Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 48. 10- 83

Прочтите короткие новостные сюжеты: Быстрая доставка 47 лет спустя и Сохраняйте свой пароль в безопасности. Для вопросов с 1 по 6 выберите "Истина" (T) или "Ложь" (F).
Read the short news stories below. For questions 1 to 6, choose True (T) or False (F).

(1) Mr Perkins' package was sent to the wrong address. T / F /
(2) It was found during repair work. T / F /
(3) Mr Perkins intends to contact the woman to explain what happened. T / F /
(4) The boy used his friend's mother's credit card to buy the goods. T / F /
(5) His friend's mother is going to cancel the goods he ordered. T / F /
(6) Thomas is not attending classes at the moment. T / F /

Speedy Delivery 47 Years Later

A package that sat in a hidden vault since 1945 has finally reached its intended recipient. Kenneth F Perkins received a package last week containing after-shave, talcum powder and hair care lotion. It was postmarked Dec 13, 1945.

Construction workers discovered Perkins' package during July renovations at the courthouse in Islington. The courthouse once housed the post office and when workers moved a shelf, they discovered the vault containing some undelivered mail.

Officials tracked down Perkins, now 79, through the Ministry of Defence. The package had been sent to him while he was serving in the Navy. Mr Perkins was not able to remember the last time that he heard from the woman who sent him it.

'She probably got mad at me for not sending her a card thanking her for the gift,' he said. 'I hope she gets in touch if she hears about this.' As for the condition of the gift, Mr Perkins was not in a position to comment. 'I haven't opened it yet. I'm waiting for the right moment,' he said. How much more time does he need?

Keep your password safe

A 13-year-old boy has spent about £1 million buying a helicopter, a jet, motorcycles and a pickup truck. He did it over the Internet using a password belonging to a friend's mother, authorities said. And, he did it in a science class.

Canterbury Police said the boy made the purchases on May 24th on an internet auction website using a computer at his school.

The woman discovered the purchases the day the helicopter's owner called and asked how she planned to pay for the aircraft. She told reporters she wouldn't mind owning a helicopter but that she has no intention of honouring any of the debt. The culprit has been suspended while school governors investigate the case. The boy's actions are also under review within the county's juvenile justice system.

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