Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 52.

Поставьте соответствующую форму глагола в таблице в каждом из пробелов в тексте Прабабушка на уроке алгебры.
Put an appropriate form of a verb in the box in each of the gaps in the text.
feel come pass put have want take make give

Great Grandma In Algebra Class

Grandmother Katie Greep is giving new meaning to the term 'late learner.' The 72-year-old decided two months ago that she (1) wanted to be able to help her two grandchildren, 5 and 8, with their maths homework. So she is now enrolled an algebra class at Mountjoy Adult Education Institute.

'My grandchildren were (2) having trouble with their lessons at school,' grannie told the Mountjoy Daily News. 'I thought if I could help them, they wouldn't (3) make so many mistakes.'

Grandma's fans include Principal Angus Pyrates and her teacher, Dustin Fearn.
'I think it's marvellous,' Pyrates said. 'It's wonderful to see an adult (4) come
back just to learn. It's an example to us all.' Mrs Greep's class takes place twice a week. 'I (5) feel a bit out of place,' she said. 'But the faculty and staff have been very nice. They've (6) given me all kinds of help.' Greep's appreciation isn't lost on her teacher. 'If only you could get the average student to (7) put that much effort into their studies ... She's very determined,' Fearn said.

Katie Greep thinks she might continue her studies by (8) taking
geometry, trigonometry and possibly calculus and a computer class. If I (9) pass algebra, then I'll go on,' she said. 'Who knows, I might even go on to university with my grandchildren!'

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