Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 54.

Поставьте каждый глагол в скобках в тексте о друге в наиболее подходящую форму.
Put each verb into the most appropriate form.

The first time I (1) spoke (speak) to my best friend Susan was the day I saw her waiting for a bus outside the university. As it (2) was raining (rain), I offered her a lift. We (3) have been (be) good friends since then. We (4) spend (spend) a lot of time with each other and next month, we (5) are going (to go) (go) on holiday together. I'm sure we (6) will have (have) a great time. We (7) are going (go) to travel around Europe and visit some of my relatives. Susan (8) has not been (never be) abroad before, but I told her not to worry. 'It will be fun. Just you wait and see,' I said.

Choose ( ) the correct word.

(1) I'm sorry to hear / know / find / your bad news.
(2) I have decided to get / do / make / something about my hair.
(3) Jack takes after / with / along / his mother.
(4) Are you interesting / interested / interests / in Ancient History?
(5) He thinks he's great. He's so bad-tempered / two-faced / big-headed /.
(6) There is something very recognised / known / familiar / about that man over there.
(7) Wendy never loses her temper / mood / character /.
(8) Jack and Jill have / get / look / a lot in common.

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