Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 57.

Прочтите текст о Calvin Klein и сопоставьте заголовки (A-G) с пунктами с 1 по 7.
Read the text about Calvin Klein and match headings (A-G) with paragraphs 1 to 7.

A Hero or villain?
B A good business partner
C Boxing clever
D Why he's famous
E Smell of success
F Eye for business
G His big break

Calvin Klein

(1) D

He's the man whose name has turned into one of the world's most recognisable brands - along with Coke, Pepsi, Kodak and Nike. A great fashion designer, a genius at marketing and a style pioneer - Klein was the first to launch affordable designer jeans, make underwear for men fashionable and create the world's first unisex fragrance range, CK One.

(2) B
In 1968, Klein and his childhood friend, Barry Schwartz, launched a line of men's and women's coats. The combination of Klein's design talents and Schwartz's business acumen soon attracted the attention of the fashion world. By the '70s the line had expanded to include women's clothing and a whole ready-to-wear line.

(3) G
With a line of classic, sharp designs in neutral tones, Klein revolutionised the industry with his minimalist style. In the late '70s Klein really began to make a name for himself globally when he introduced designer jeans at an affordable price. In one of the world's most famous ad campaigns, teenage model and actress Brooke Shields made it known that: 'nothing stood in the way of her and her Calvins.'

(4) C
Building on the fame his jeans had given his name, Klein introduced Calvin Klein underwear in 1982. For the first time ever men's underwear was perceived as a fashion item - no longer just a practical product. Calvin Klein made boxer shorts into a sexy style statement - with men wearing their boxers high and trousers low to show off the Klein brand name round their waist. Another controversial ad campaign featuring Mark Wahlberg helped make the line a global success.

(5) E
Around the same time Klein launched scents such as Obsession and Eternity. Ever the revolutionary, he was also the first to release a line of unisex fragrances - CK One. Again Klein used a series of stylish and sexy ad campaigns to make his fragrances a phenomenal success.

(6) F
The success of the designer's brand can be linked to two strengths: his undeniable fashion talent but also his ability to promote and position his brand superbly. Klein is undeniably a fashion visionary but he is also recognised as a marketing genius who has changed the face of advertising by continuously pushing back the barriers.

(7) A
Klein was recently voted one of Time magazine's 25 Most Influential People. When his only daughter Kelly was kidnapped and he agreed to hand over the money at great risk to his own safety, he received the admiration of many. However, some people said that she had not really been kidnapped and that Klein just wanted the publicity.

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