Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 60.

Перепишите приведенные ниже прямые вопросы как косвенные, начинающиеся с приведенных слов.
Rewrite the direct questions below as indirect questions beginning with the words given.

(1) How long have you known about this?
Do you mind telling me how long you have known about this?

(2) When does the next train leave?
Do you have any idea when the next train leaves?

(3) Could you help me please?
I was wondering if/whether you could help me please?

(4) Has she got a boyfriend at the moment?
I'd really like to know if/whether she has got a boyfriend at the moment.

(5) When did he leave?
What time do you suppose he left?

Выберите ( ) правильную фразу, выделенную курсивом в приведенных ниже предложениях.
Choose ( ) the correct phrase in italics in the sentences below.

(1) Man: I wasn't a very good student at school. Woman: So was I / Neither was I /.
(2) Man: I went to Colombia on holiday last year. Woman: Really? So was I / So did I /.
(3) 'Pass me that book, will you / don't you / ?'
(4) 'Let's have a drink at this cafe, won't we / shall we / ?'
(5) 'Nobody got it right, didn't he / did they / ?'

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