Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 8.

Завершите следующий рассказ о неожиданной ситуации, используя форму глаголов в скобках в простом прошедшем или в прошедшем совершенном времени.
Complete the following story using either the simple past or past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

I remember I was in bed early that night. It was only 9:30 but I had had (have) a hard day at the office.
Anyway, lying there I felt
(feel) very relaxed because I had had (have) a long bath.
I began
(begin) to feel sleepy.

And then I heard (hear) this strange sound, like a baby crying, coming from downstairs.
A little bit scared, I went (go) downstairs and into the kitchen.
To my relief, it wasn't a
baby. It was a small black cat that had come (come) in through the window.
I had forgotten
(forget) to close it before going to bed.

Выберите подходящее слово или фразу из таблицы, чтобы дополнить следующий отрывок о чьей-то новой машине. Используйте каждое слово или фразу только один раз.
Choose a suitable word or phrase from the box to complete the following passage about somebody's new car. Use each word or phrase only once.
power steering; park; spacious; economical; boot; air conditioning

My new car is very spacious inside. It can hold six people easily.
And of course it has air conditioning
, which makes it so much more comfortable for driving in the summer.
It also has a large boot
so we can fit in all the family luggage when we go on holiday.
Even though it's a big car, it's easy to drive because it has power steering
But there are some disadvantages: it's not so easy to park
, and of course it uses a lot of petrol so it's not very economical .

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