Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 12.

Прочтите следующий текст о футболистах. Выберите T (Истина) или F (Ложь) предложений с 1 по 5.
Read the following text about football players. Choose T (True) or F (False) sentences 1 to 5.

Good footballers are born not made - preferably in October. A psychologist has identified six factors which are crucial to creating football geniuses. Birth-date is important, as children born in the autumn are older and more physically developed than their classmates.

The study by Michael Howe, a retired psychologist from Exeter University who has spent 20 years studying gifted people, identified a number of factors for producing top players. He has found that young people must dedicate themselves to a decade of solid football practice - the equivalent of at least 10,000 hours kicking a ball. Having a supportive adult close to hand also helps. They must have kicked a ball by the age of five and played their first match by seven to stand any chance of success.

Professor Howe carried out a study of the history of 543 players in the English Premiership and discovered the vast majority were born in or around October. A substantial number of players said a strong part of their success was due to adult encouragement from an early age. 'Nobody is simply born to be an exceptional football player,' said Prof Howe. 'I have found successful players are bred rather than born, so there could be a top footballer on every street corner.' Teachers looking for children with potential think they are selecting the best players, but really they are selecting the older kids who are stronger and more coordinated. From then on, these are the children who get to play more regularly and have extra training, while the door closes on the others. Professor Howe concluded that the worst month for any aspiring footballer to be born is June, as they are among the youngest in the academic year and are likely to be weaker than their older classmates.

Six steps to creating a football star:

1 Ensure a child is born in October.
2 Children should start kicking a ball before the age of five.
3 Make sure they play their first match before they are seven.
4 Encourage them always to play with friends.
5 Make sure they commit to 10 years of solid practice.

According to the text:

(1) Children born in June often have extra training because they are weaker than
their older classmates. T / F /
(2) The missing sixth step to creating a football star is: 'Ensure a supportive adult is ever-present.' T / F /
(3) Most footballers in the English Premiership were born in the autumn. T / F /
(4) Teachers try not to discriminate against younger kids when choosing the best
players. T / F /
(5) Everybody has the potential to become a successful footballer. T / F /

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