Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 15.

Прочтите текст о городах во всем мире. Напишите вопросы к каждому ответу ниже.
Read the text about cities around the world. Write the questions for each answer below.

There's a local saying in Madrid: 'Nine months of winter and three months of hell.' But don't be fooled! This exhilarating city offers dazzling skies and more sun than anywhere else in Europe. In Mexico City the locals often complain about pollution. This is now the largest city in the world, with vast numbers of vehicles and industries pouring out noxious fumes. In Rio de Janeiro the most popular drink to order is a caipirinha, a tasty cocktail. The health-conscious may prefer a vitamina, a delicious fruit milkshake. In San Francisco there is lots to do. If you aren't into theatre, opera, art shows, shopping, or Asian cuisine you can head out of the city. Driving south, you'll see stretches of spectacular Pacific coastline. Tokyo is a happening place. Fashion is chic black, with the 'little girl' look everywhere among young women and futurism for the guys.

(1) Q: What are / do the locals in Mexico City complaining / complain about? ?
A: Pollution.

(2) Q: What's the most popular drink (to order) in Rio de Janeiro? ?
A: Caipirinha.

(3) Q: What is a vitamina? ?
A: A delicious fruit milkshake.

(4) Q: What is there to do in San Francisco? / What kind of things can be done in San Francisco? ?
A: Theatre, opera, art shows, shopping, and many other things!

(5) Q: What look is fashionable for women in Tokyo? / What is the latest look for Japanese women? ?
A: 'little girl'.

(6) Q: What adjective is used to describe / best describes Madrid? / How is Madrid described? ?
A: Exhilarating.

Выберите правильное слово, выделенное курсивом в приведенных ниже предложениях.
Choose the correct word in italics in the sentences below.

(1) I think / am thinking / of learning to play the guitar.
(2) I'm not believing / I don't believe / a word of what he says.
(3) Are you envying / Do you envy / David's success?
(4) Are you still having / Do you still have / that CD I lent you last year?
(5) How long have you known / have you been knowing / Alison?

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