Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 17.

Прочтите отрывок о путешествии по реке. Отметьте предложения от 1 до 5 T (Истина), F (Ложь) или N (Нет информации).
Read the passage about a river journey. Mark sentences 1 to 5 T (True) or F (False) or N (No Information).

As the boat slowly made its way down the river and emerged from the trees into the sunlight of the grasslands, I got my first view of Boze Village. For the last mile of narrow, winding river, naked village children had been following us, running out of the seemingly impenetrable jungle to shout their welcome, only to disappear again. A hundred yards further on, we would see the same children balanced precariously on an over-hanging branch, laughing and waving. This was to be my Papua New Guinea home for the next two years, and as we tied up to the roots of a giant mango tree, the entire population was standing on the bank, partly to welcome me and partly to have a good look at its very own volunteer. As I carefully stepped over the tree's exposed roots, hands appeared from everywhere to help me on to the bank. The villagers and I had waited a long time for this day, and they would never have forgiven themselves had I slipped into the muddy brown water below. Inu Dai, the headman, was screaming instructions to everyone. One look at me must have convinced him that whatever talents I possessed, agility was not one of them. I am not quite sure just what he expected, but the arrival of a short, portly, slightly balding, middle-aged volunteer must have given him some pause for thought.

(1) This was the volunteer's first visit to Papua New Guinea. T / F / N /
(2) The volunteer was given a warm welcome by the villagers. T / F / N /
(3) Inu Dai was in charge of the boat. T / F / N /
(4) The volunteer tripped over tree roots and fell into the river. T / F / N /
(5) The volunteer speaks a little of the local language. T / F / N /

Завершите приведенные ниже предложения, добавив подходящий префикс или суффикс к каждому слову в круглых скобках, чтобы получилось прилагательное.
Complete the sentences below by adding a suitable prefix or suffix to each word in parentheses to make an adjective.

(1) I wish George were a bit more helpful (help). He's so lazy!

(2) Now come along everyone, could I have your undivided (divided) attention please!

(3) We just sat in the cold and the rain for over 12 hours. It was a hellish (hell) day.

(4) Umm. These chocolates are irresistible (resistible)!

(5) Regardless (Regard) of what I do, he's never satisfied with my work.

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