Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 30.

Прочтите текст об умных домах. Дополните пункты 1-4 подходящим заголовком (a-f). Есть два дополнительных заголовка.
Read the text about Smart Homes. Match paragraphs 1 to 4 with a suitable heading (a-f). There are two extra headings.

1. Recent information has revealed the details of a series of experiments into how our houses will be designed and equipped in the future. In one of these experiments, an unnamed family of four lived in a cutting-edge home for a period of 6 weeks.

2. The home in question had been modified with over £2 million-worth of improvements. More than 50 companies supplied elements of the home's futuristic equipment, which included the following:
" Voice-activated switches for appliances and a central locking system for doors and windows.
" A heating system featuring thermostats to control the temperature of each individual room, a self-diagnostic feature to arrange for automatic service or repair, and a fan for recycling 'cleaned up' warm kitchen air to the rest of the house.
" Bedrooms with self-airing beds and integral heartbeat and breathing monitors in babies' beds.
" An intelligent network for the home's PC, television and radio, linked to an electronic notice board for occupants to make notes or drawings by hand.

3. The home's devices and systems were controlled from wall pads and mobile phones. Many of the commands activated several systems: for example, a person leaving the home could switch off lights and heating and set the burglar alarm and answer phone, all through activating just one switch.

4. The family made a complete and detailed record of their experiences. Scientists studied this and modified some of the systems, before turning the house over to a fresh family of secret testers who repeated the trial.


1. a

2. c

3. b

4. d


a) Smart Homes for the future
b) Being in control
c) A range of energy and labour-saving technologies
d) Feedback and further trials
e) Six weeks in a dream home
f) The partners' investment plans


b) Choose the correct answer

(1) Which of the following features are NOT mentioned in the article?
a) Intelligent audio and video devices /
b) Hatches for the delivery of food /
c) Voice-activated switches /

(2) Which of these statements do we have no specific information about in the article?
a) The experiment has involved at least two test groups. /
b) The Smart Homes will be very expensive to buy. /
c) The tests are being carried out anonymously. /

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